Plans for 2011: (Part 1) Home

I’ve been plotting away on my plans for 2011. It seems to be a varied collection of ideas – some big, some small, some specific plans and some vague intentions. I’ll try to do a post on each on the run up to New Years Eve! Today I’m kicking off with one of the big obvious ones…

You might remember that we spent the first few months of the year in a frenzy of home improvements. This was because a) we wanted to get things done before Baby arrived and b) we want to sell up and move on. It is going to be Spring before we know it and time to be on the market. I am dreading this. We tried to sell before but, sadly, it was right at the time when the news was full of plummeting house prices and economic uncertainty and it just didn’t happen for us. What did happen, however, was that loads and loads of people came to have a look. Without saying too much about where we live (being anonymous and all) our maisonette is in a really interesting, historic house and I think a lot of the viewings were people just wanting to have a nose around. I know this blog might make it seem like I am super tidy and organised all of the time but I’m really not. And I hated, HATED having to try and keep it in show-home condition all of the time. Hence my sense of dread. There are all sorts of reasons why is might not have sold (aside from the state of the market at the time) and we’ve done our best to address what we can. However, there is still a lot of work to be done and we’ve really got to get on with it. To that end, as I type, Husband has a paintbrush in hand. We have a massive under-stair-cupboard in our entrance hall that has been rammed full of crap for years. He has spent the last three days taking things to the tip, creating new walls and a kind of false door out of tongue and groove and a ceiling. He has also bought a very nice coat rack which will be going up sometime in the next week. This will look so, so much better than it did before. I’ll try and take a photo when he’s finished! At least that will be one job off the list…

Anyway, I am really hoping that 2011 is the year we get to move. It isn’t going to happen without some effort though, so the plan is:

    • Finish decluttering and reorganising every single room (so it looks good and so we don’t end up moving a load of crap with us when we eventually go) and a major cleaning operation


  • Making and executing a plan of final improvements (replacing the knackered, old front door is probably the most major thing I can think of)
  • Getting valuations and choosing the right estate agent
  • Finding out about mortgages; how much we can borrow, who is has the best deals and so on

I am planning to dedicate January to the first item on the list. Moving is probably the most important thing on my ‘to-do’ list for 2011 so I’ve really got to get on with it!

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2 thoughts on “Plans for 2011: (Part 1) Home

  1. Good luck with getting your house market ready. I too remember the dread of keeping things clean when trying to sell which is hard with kids around. Does help that my husband is bordering on OCD in the tidying department, he can ‘work a room’ pretty quickly.

    I always think its a shame that we only ever finally ‘finish’ our homes when we come to let go of them…….and then someone else is likely to come in and undo it to put their mark on it.

  2. shoestringalley

    Thanks. I totally agree about how we all only seem to get our homes finished when we come to sell them. I’m going to get maximum use out of our ‘cloakroom’ until we go! Actually, I am really determined that, wherever we end up next, we really crack on with getting it sorted so we can get on and enjoy living in it. It’s the fund it requires though isn’t it…

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