Cleaning the slate

I’m still tinkering with my 2011 plan but one thing is for sure; there are a lot of things I want to get done before the New Year. My to-do list is becoming ever-more terrifying. I get to the point where I’ve crossed off half of the items and then I need to start all over again because a host of other things suddenly crop up that also need to be done. In a similar vein, I keep thinking I’ve worked out my finances, have done all of the spending I need to do and then BAM, a load of other ‘must have’s’ crop up. I think I may just have to accept the next few weeks will be a bit here, there and everywhere and it will all be sorted soon.

As we are planning to put the house on the market sometime in Spring we need to finish off our redecoration/renovations. This needs to be planned and budgeted for properly. For now, I’m going to try to attempt to give the whole place a thorough ‘Spring’ clean and get it all a bit more organised. And, yes, there will be more decluttering! I have no idea exactly where I am going to fit all of this in. I suspect my evenings are going to be getting a lot busier! Hopefully I can get enough done to start 2011 with a clean slate…

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