2011: Domestic with a capital D

I’ve been contemplating what I want to do next year. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been taken up by trying to get things done before Christmas. I like to start a new year with a clean slate – finances organised, house tidy, clean car, a vague plan of some kind. I don’t know how much of this I’ll manage this year but I’ll give it a go! By the way, where is the time going? I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Baby is SIX MONTHS OLD this week. Six months! On one hand the time has gone really, really fast. On the other hand it feels like so, so long ago that I was pregnant and counting how many days overdue I was. Anyhow, I realised I had the world’s longest ‘to do’ list and have been powering through it for the past few days. It is still quite long (I won’t bore you with it) but I’ve done the most pressing things and can manage to get the rest done at a reasonable pace. It might all get done by the end of the year…

However, in terms of 2011, I can’t quite make up my mind what I want to be doing. There are two major things that are going to happen. Firstly we will be, once more, trying to sell our home and buy another one. Secondly, I will be going back to work. There are other things planned too including a course I want to do and the possibility of a long weekend away with some friends.  But those aren’t exactly the things I mean. I like to have a bit of a project on the go (as long term readers will probably have noticed by now!). I read something recently (don’t ask where – I can’t remember) that people are happiest when they are working towards something. Anything really, it doesn’t matter what so long as they feel like they are growing or achieving in some way. This really made sense to me. For example, with the Shoestringing, I feel better about it and am more efficient at it when I am working at it in quite a conscious way. Also (luckily) I don’t have particularly grand ideas about achievement these days. It’s not so much about my studies or my career or my earnings (now very low!) but about things that I get a kick out of learning to do or feeling like I am doing something well.

On this subject I’ve been considering all sorts of things: learning to sew or knit, getting better at cooking, a new financial project, finding ways to be healthier, reading more/doing a bit more studying. We’re going to have very little in the way extra funds and Baby is the priority. This means that any plans have to cost very little, can be done from home or in our local area. There will (hopefully!) be a time in the future where we have more money and can go abroad and do other things again but 2011 is necessarily going to be Domestic with a capital D. I’ve even contemplated having a different challenge for each month of the year – from a random collection of ideas such as a Virginia Woolf month to a month dedicated to finding the perfect cookie recipe. I’ve also contemplated working it all out on a quarterly basis…I just don’t know. Thus I’ve been a bit quiet around here again. I’m still mulling it all over.

Have you got any plans for 2011? Or any ideas for me?!

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2 thoughts on “2011: Domestic with a capital D

  1. thefrenchchick

    I like the monthly theme challenge idea. Find the perfect cookie in October so you’re ready with the holiday baking. Read a book by a particular author one month and review the book in a post on the reader’s blog. Those of us who follow your blog could even participate in the monthly challenge. It might broaden our horizons and would give us a unique posting each month too. I’m game.

  2. It’s true I always feel better working towards something. Next year I am hopefully I will be going back to New York so after the Festive time of year is over I WILL be going on the pre NY diet as I always pig out there! and of course saving money.
    I’m not sure about you, but at this time of year I always feel stale! Waiting for the New year and taking the opportunity almost to make a fresh start.

    Hope the bubba is ok and no doubt wondering what all the madness is with this time of year!!! Lots of love xxxx

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