Decluttering 10: Week 2

It’s been quite good having the focus of getting rid of, or organising, ten things a week – enough of a focus to get me going but not so much it becomes an annoying chore! Here’s what I’ve managed to get done in the last week:

  1. Colander: A cracked, plastic affair which Husband bought a replacement for months ago. Why I have been hanging on to it since is something of a mystery.
  2. Plant: Sadly deceased (they have to be hardy to survive living in this house).
  3. Coat: Ah, a faithful old friend but ripped and ragged beyond wear. Even though I’d gone off it I had been rather sentimental about it (it has been to many places with me including New York and Prague). I was on the verge of getting rid of it last winter and then realised that, due to the cut, I could actually wear it over my bump, thus it survived another winter. But tramp chic isn’t a look I’m really going for…
  4. Lipgloss: Free with a magazine about two years ago, residing unused and unloved in a drawer. I don’t wear lipgloss (the texture makes me feel weird plus it comes straight off. I don’t get lipgloss) so it had to go!
  5. Hot water bottle: Discovered in a drawer, gone crackly and disinegrated. Bye bye.
  6. Frying pan: Fell to pieces. Literally.
  7. Frying pan: Replaced the same day the old one went into bin. Did not buy cheapest one available for a change. I am hoping this means it will last a bit longer. Frying pans seem to have a short life span here. Like plants, they need to be hardy to survive…
  8. Pile of old magazines and catalogues for recycling
  9. Old phones: Two dead handsets. One died after being dropped in the bath (Husband likes to make phone calls from the tub). the other died of natural causes. Time they went in the bin.
  10. New phones!: Actually bought these when we saw them on offer a month ago but had failed to unpack and charge them up. I know – mental. Got a couple of cheap phone bills out of it though! Now charged up, in situ with an answering machine message and everything.
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5 thoughts on “Decluttering 10: Week 2

  1. Lipgloss, sticky. I’m with you on that one. Toiletries and makeup are so easy to leave in a drawer somewhere and forget about them…but also so easy to throw out years later when you realize that red will never be your best lip color.

  2. Someone’s been busy! 🙂

    How’s the little one? x

  3. Good job!! 🙂 I’ve been thinking of starting a “decluttering” mission too.. kids toys are first on my list! lol!

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