Decluttering 10

I’m on another decluttering mission! I did really well earlier on this year when we did a lot of redecorating and other home improvements but, inevitably, this is something that needs to be done again and again and again to keep on top of. I vowed I wouldn’t let things get quite as out of control as last time. However, even though a lot of stuff went, there is still more that I could get rid of. Does anyone else find that they end up looking at the same things over and over again while clearing out and yet they only get rid of whatever it is on the 5th or 6th round? Most of the time I find myself throwing things out that I could have thrown out the last time, if not the time before. I suppose sometimes it takes a while to decide if you really want to keep something or not.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that I am going to set myself the challenge of getting rid of 10 things every week until I can honestly say that I want to keep everything we’ve got. This will also probably entail a bit of reorganising, thus the 10 things I have to do can include:

  • Items that I am getting rid of (either by giving away, taking to the charity shop, keeping back to sell or going in the bin)
  • Items that need be thrown away and then replaced
  • Sorting out an untidy area: a drawer, a cupboard, a storage box, the corner of a room and so on

Since there is no time like the present I thought I might as well just get on with it. It took me about ten minutes to do a quick sweep around our bedroom to find the following items to get rid of:

  1. Tatty old scarf from H&M
  2. Black top
  3. Old hairbrushes x3 (what kind of brushing emergency was I keeping them for?!)
  4. Wallet (not used for about 8 years)
  5. Packs of contact lenses x 4 (prescription now out of date)
  6. Make-up bag
  7. Black fleece top
  8. Calligraphy set (I’ve had it over ten years and never used it!)
  9. Small handheld mirror
  10. Scented sachet

Not bad. And now I can put my feet up knowing I’ve done something vaguely constructive!

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One thought on “Decluttering 10

  1. Hurrah for decluttering! There is *nothing* like it.

    I get as much joy throwing 10 things out from buying something new.

    Have you read the Joy of Less? Fab read – highly recommend it.

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