I’m back

Apologies for the lack of posts. Despite being married for nearly twelve years, I met my sister-in-law for the first time. I should probably mention that it was the first time my Husband had met her too. We knew he had an older sister that had been adopted before he was born and, earlier this year, she found us via Facebook. It couldn’t have happened a decade ago, could it? She flew from the other side of the world to meet us and thus the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy!

In infinitely duller news, the diet has been abandoned for at least a month now. I got on the scales this morning and – no, no, no! – I’ve put 3 pounds back on. Grrr. Thus the diet is starting ‘proper’. I admit my attempts up until this point have been of a fairly faffy nature but no more. I am not going into the 2011 with the New Years Resolution of losing weight. It’s too much of a cliche for a start…

Since I first weighed myself post-pregnancy I have lost 17.5 pounds and I need to lose another 17 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I figure that if I lose around 2 pounds a week it should be gone by the end of the year so that is now my goal. I officially (re)started today and kicked off with a cooking session while my parents came up to babysit. I made two pies with chicken, bacon, mushrooms and leeks (one for tonight, one for the freezer) using a Slimming World recipe and a big batch of Leek and Potato soup. I also made Baby her first batch of carrot puree to go in the freezer while I was at it but that’s another story. I really noticed how far I’d drifted from the dieting/healthy mindset today. At several points while I was pottering at home and walking around town I started thinking about picking up some cake or biscuits or chocolate before I caught myself. Then I was reading an American novel that described a character being offered a plate of Oreo’s and I instantly thought about going to get some (I am very easily influenced when it comes to food!). This type of thinking is no good for my waistline or my purse so I’m glad I’m doing something about it now. I just hope I can blinkin’ well stick to it this time…

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One thought on “I’m back

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing news about your sister in law! Facebook!! I can’t imagine how your husband felt getting that FB message! Anyways, it sounds like it all went well 🙂

    And 17.5 pounds sounds like LOADS to me – well done you!

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