Days 6 & 7: A £25 weekend

It’s been one of those lovely weekends that come along every now and then. Nothing particularly spectacular happened but it was just really, really good. Maybe it was down to the gorgeous, crisp and sunny weather…

 Yesterday Baby and I went to the library to return books and hired two DVDs for a week and then trotted off to the local second-hand bookshop. I found a book I had been looking for for nearly a year for £2 – I love it when that happens. It was exactly what I went in there looking for. I went to my parents for a visit where they played with Baby while I had a coffee and read the first couple of chapters of my new book, then Husband came and met us and we went for a walk in the sunshine. Later on some friends came over for dinner – the first time we’ve had people over on a Saturday night since Baby has arrived.

It was blinkin’ freezing when we woke up this morning so Baby popped in our bed for a cuddle until the heating had kicked in (as she does most mornings to be fair…did I mention I love maternity leave?). Since Husband doesn’t work Sundays I was able to have a shower that lasted more than two minutes (I’ve got it down to a fine art now) and then made chicken curry in advance for dinner with some extra to go in the freezer. Then we all wrapped up and drove in convoy with some friends to a town nearby. We had a long walk by the sea (stopping for hot sausage rolls and tea) and then through some gardens where we happened upon a brass band playing to a small crowd. The rest of the day was spent drinking tea with friends and family, making Baby laugh (not difficult – she thinks everything is funny) and then reading my new book after she went to bed. Perfick.

I’d have paid a great deal more for it, but the weekend cost less than £25 even though I hired two films and bought a book, some elderflower cordial, take-out, tea, sausage rolls and an ice-cream. Nice!

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