Days 3 & 4

Day 3: A fairly low spend day yesterday – about £1.50 on biscuits as I had a few Mum and Baby friends over during the day. Lots of playing with rattles and attempts at tummy time. I only know one baby that really likes tummy time but the heath visitors keep telling us how important it is so we keep persisting! 

Day 4: Today I spent just under £10 in Co-op which mostly went on food (yoghurts, bacon, grapes etc) but also included a hair conditioner which was reduced to half price. It was a good day for free stuff. We have a place on a free six week baby massage course which Baby loves. Today we were learning about tummy massage (odd. I doubt I’ve ever typed the word ‘tummy’ before and it has popped up twice in this post…) – cue lots of farting babies and giggling Mums. There are even chocolate biscuits at the end…I’m easily pleased. Later on I dropped into the library and managed to get another book that I really wanted. Baby and I spent the afternoon laying on the playmat – she chewed stuff and I managed to read a few chapters inbetween singing songs and kissing chubby cheeks…

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