Day 2: Looking after the pennies

Husband has a habit of scattering coins around the house. Its not something I do – they tend to stay safely in my wallet! I’m always picking them up and throwing them in a little box and, when its full, I put them in a jar that sits on the bookcase. Yesterday I sorted through them and now have all of the coppers in the jar, all of the 20 pences in one purse and all of the 5 and 10 pences in another purse. When the jar is full of coppers I’ll take them to the bank to be changed up. The purse of 5 and 10 pence pieces is now going to live in the glovebox to be used for car parking and the remaining ’20 pence’ purse is a purely random saving project I’ve started. I hate scrabbling for change to get a parking ticket (or worse still, having to drive away when I realise I don’t have any) so this should make things a bit easier!

It was another gorgeous, sunny day in my neck of the woods so Baby and I drove over to see everyone from my office and we all went out for lunch in a lovely little cafe that has a walled garden with chairs and tables dotted about the place. Later in the afternoon we went to a town nearby. I bought an ice-cream and then pushed the pram, containing a sleeping baby, along the seafront. I wonder if all the walking will counteract the ice-cream (and the fact that lunch was an egg and bacon bap washed down with a strawberry milkshake?!). I’m thinking yes. Total spend: £6.70.

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