Frugal Fortnight: Take 2

Since the first Frugal Fortnight didn’t really pan out I thought I’d give it another go to launch Project £1k!

My £249 maternity allowance has landed in my bank account and my budget is off to a good start. I’ve decided to cut my Tesco delivery down to once a fortnight rather than keep having it every week. I started getting food delivered once Husband went back to work after Baby was born and I was too derranged through lack of sleep to even contemplate a supermarket run. My plan now is to stock up on storecupboard/heavy/bulky items (as well as things like meat to go in the freezer) when I’m having a delivery so, on the weeks inbetween, I can just pick up fruit, veg, milk and so on when I’m out and about.

Today I made a meal plan for the week based on what we already had and then did a small shop for around £15. I picked up some extra things as Co-op had a good selection of food marked down nearing their expiry dates. Amongst other things I got a half price quiche, which we can have for lunch tomorrow, and a chicken and bacon pie which is now in the freezer. Lately I’ve really appreciated having things like this in the freezer as I still don’t have time to do as much cooking as I used to and am knackered by the evening. I’m sure I’ll get back in the kitchen eventually! For the time being I can’t even contemplate making my own pastry…

Since the sun was shining in that gorgeous way it can do in September, I popped Baby in the pram and had a wander around town calling in at the library. I managed to pick up two books that I really wanted (yay!) and also enquired about their DVD hire. There appears to be an unecessarily complicated coding system with coloured stickers (only complicated because there is no sign or notice explaining which colour sticker represents which price band) but, basically, I can hire DVDs for either £1, £2 or £3 per week depending on how new they are. It seems like a good deal, particularly with the darker evenings on their way.

Now I’m off to read a chapter of my library book before bed…

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Fortnight: Take 2

  1. We joined Love Film last year and for about £7 per month get 4 films from our list of possibilities. Then we just post them back once watched, we also get a free one from them from time to time as a gift. It’s a good service and might have more choice than the library.

  2. shoestringalley

    I’m a member of LoveFilm too – it’s great! Sometimes it takes a while to get the films I’m waiting for though so the library option would really be for when we don’t have a DVD at home.

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