A vague update

We’ve had a busy week or so, so there hasn’t been much time to keep up with things. I used a free eye test voucher and found out that there has been more than a 50% improvement in my eye sight which is great but also means my glasses are now far too strong. I managed to get in on time with the 2 for 1 offer at Specsavers and am picking up my two new pairs of specs tomorrow – yippee! I suppose if I’d been really thrifty I would have just had new lenses put in my old frames but I’ve been itching for a new pair for the last year (I liked mine when I bought them but I’m beyond bored of them now). I also tend to think that, with specs, if you are going to wear them every day for around two years (which is about how often I have an eye test) a) you need to make sure you have a pair you really like and b) the cost per wear is very low. Which is all very well but it means that yet again I can’t really save anything. I’ve only had to take a little bit out of my general savings fund to add to my maternity allowance to buy them so it has been a low budget week or two out of necessity.

I’ve also seem to have lost track of my weight loss (losing track of things being the theme of this blog for the past few months!) so I weighed myself this morning. Since I started tracking my weight loss on here I’ve lost 10 pounds so I’ve now got £100 put back in my Pounds Lost, Pounds Saved fund. Only 16 pounds to go! Funnily enough, if I’d only gained the recommended 2 – 2.5 stone I would be back at my pre-pregnancy weight by now. I’m not too fussed. To be honest, I’ve not really been following the diet at all, just trying not to go too overboard on the cakes/biscuits. I completely failed at this over the weekend. On saturday Husband took me out for lunch at a seafront pub where I consumed a large plate of scampi and chips. Then I came home and cooked us a massive roast dinner and ate half a cheesecake (not a small cheesecake either). Husband is also about to partake of a health kick (his doctor has suggested he should lose about half a stone) so we’ve decided that we’re going to be as healthy as possible during the week and have treats (ie whatever we fancy) on Sundays (and probably a filthy pudding of some kind on a Saturday night).

Having had a bit of sort out I’m going to have another crack at a Frugal Fortnight starting on Monday…let’s hope I have more success this time!

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One thought on “A vague update

  1. Don’t worry too much about the diet, sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow. The good thing is you know you can lose the weight if you put you mind to it – sometimes it’s just nice to NOT put your mind to it 🙂

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