The result of the Frugal Fortnight

Ha ha. I spent everything and saved nothing! Oh well. I tried to keep an exact track of my spending but failed. It’s been a tricky time with Baby and sleeping. I keep meaning to write a post on this but, unsurprisingly, never seem to have the time. Basically, either due to teething or a growth spurt (or as I suspect a bit of both), we seemed to go several steps back and I was back to feeding at 11pm, 2am and 5am. This basically meant I had been getting around four hours sleep a night in two, two hour chunks which makes me feel like I am running through treacle for the rest of the day. Anyhoo, this is roughly where my £249 went:

  • Food shopping: £100
  • Petrol: £30
  • Mobile phone credit: £10
  • LoveFilm membership: £12.99
  • Two cardigans: £36
  • Paperchase: approx £10
  • Books: £7
  • Weight loss/Pounds lost, pounds saved fund: £15

This leaves about £35 unaccounted for, going on random things like buying biscuits or cake to take to people’s houses, car parking and, er, mysetery items. I do recall having quite a good stock up on No 7 products as Boots have been doing the £5 vouchers again. I actually have one left which I plan to use before it runs out. I have about £4 left in my account so that should take care of that!

I might not have managed to save anything (apart from the Pounds Lost, Pounds Saved fund) but I did manage to pay for quite a lot of things and have some really lovely treats, like new clothes and stationery, without going overbudget so overall I’m pleased. It wasn’t quite the Frugal Fortnight I had planned but it was good enough! I’ll have a go at it again another time.

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