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Weigh-in: week 2

I’ve lost 3.5 pounds this week so that’s £35 to go into the new clothes pot! Since starting I’ve lost 5 pounds so I now have 21 of 26 to go.

I managed to have another clothes cull this week, getting rid of two carrier bags full. It was mostly things I hadn’t worn since I became pregnant and a lot of it hadn’t been worn for even longer. Some people say if you haven’t worn an item of clothing for a certain length of time (ie 6 months or a year) that you should just get rid of it. I’m never sure about this as I tend to go through phases of really liking things/forgetting I have them. Even so, I’ve decided I must be a bit more ruthless. If I don’t really, really like it (or it looks like it has seen better days) then it must go.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few items in a size larger than my pre-pregnancy clothes so I’ve got something to wear until the weight has gone/I can fit back into my old stuff. I suspect this will be sometime around Christmas if I keep at it. To keep me going until then I have bought a pair of jeans, a fitted cardi, a vest, 2 T-shirts and a shirt. The jeans have been a lifesaver. The trouble with wearing maternity trousers is that they tend to be cut so they fit just under the bump. Unfortunately this is at exactly the right point to rub against caesarean scars – ow. Anyway, my new capsule warobe (supplemented by the odd ‘old size’ item such as cardi’s and tops that look okay) should be plenty enough to see me through. I can’t wait to get back into my old things and also get some new bits and pieces. I took my favourite GAP cardi out of the drawer the other day only to find that moths have been at it and it now has two large holes. GRRRR. Anyone know how to repel these little buggers without resorting to stinky old-school mothballs?

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