A weird (and not very frugal) spending day

Oh dear, and the Frugal Fortnight was going so well…

I forgot to post yesterday (I remembered I hadn’t done it at 3am when I was feeding baby) but since I didn’t spend anything it is fairly easy to summarise as pretty good. Today, not so much. Husband didn’t have to work today, which is pretty rare for a Bank Holiday weekend, and suggested going into town (as in our nearest big town, not the little town where we live). Hmm, I thought. Dangerous and yet appealing. Sunny day, no more rain, why not?

First stop was Boots (necessary as we had an exploding nappy situation en route and ran out of wipes) and I found myself propelled by a mysterious, magnetic force to the Benefit cosmetics counter. I say propelled but what I mean is I made a beeline for it. I often find myself lingering by the Benefit counter but haven’t actually bought anything at it for over two years. Lately I’ve had a thing for one of their eyeshadows (a shade inexplicably called ‘buns’ if you’re interested) but at £13.50 a pop, and with a box full of eyeshadows at home, I’ve resisted. Until now. I’m sure Rimmel or some other brand do something similar but I wanted this one. Luckily I have been stashing my Advantage card points for quite some time (my balance was well over £50) so I actually got it free of charge. So, good shoestring points for getting it for free, possibly bad frugal points for not getting a cheaper brand that may have been much the same (except I doubt it would be quite so satisfying on this occasion).

Next stop was Accessorize. A bit of planned spending went on here. I’d seen a bag and had, for some weeks, had a real yen for it. I’d already had a word with myself about this (being a so-called reformed bagaholic) as, even post-decluttering, I don’t need a new bag. Want – yes. Need – no. Then my lovely Gran gave me £20 to get myself a post-pregnancy treat. The exact cost of the bag I had been eyeing up. Fate, no? And I managed to look at all of the twinkly displays without buying a single other thing. Impressive.

Next up was Paperchase – the mothership. A reasonable amount of control was displayed. I bought two birthday cards, some inserts for my recipe folder, some inserts for my Baby Journal and an A4 pad for my new course (more on this another time). All very practical as they are things that will be used in the next week or so, so not bad.

At this point I had already bought a new bag, new eyeshadow and some bits of stationery. I’d only used about £10 of my £249 budget as the bag was a gift and I’d also used my Advantage card points instead of cash. On our way back to the car, however, we walked past New Look and there was a cardigan in the window that made me stop and do the walk backwards thing. Uh-oh. I’ve been ignoring clothes but this item was so ridiculously ‘me’ that I literally had to have it. And only £18! From New Look! How often does that happen? The shopping frenzy had fully taken hold by this point and I bought another cardigan as well – one that looked almost identical to the one from Gap that was recently savaged by moths but less than half the price. Total spend £36 (which is really pretty good for two cardigans). 

Since I hadn’t managed to get around to doing an online food order we decided to stop at the big Tesco on the outskirts of town to get supplies to last us for a few days. Generally I don’t like to shop without a list (very, very bad for the budget) but we didn’t do too badly and only bought things we needed. Alas, I don’t know exactly how much we spent as Husband was dealing with the card and lost the receipt. I wasn’t paying attention as Baby and I were entertaining ourselves by sticking our tongues out at each other and laughing. It’s all about priorities. Husband says it was about £30. I’ll take his word for it.

So, as the title suggests, it was a bit of a weird spending day. Weird because I managed to get lots of new things but actually spent less than £50 of my budget for the fortnight (not including the food shopping which I would have had to get anyway). Not very frugal because I didn’t really need any of the things I bought.

And yet. Although I have been trying to have a Frugal Fortnight and haven’t been very frugal, I haven’t really gone off track too far either. I could afford these things – I had the money in my account and I didn’t use credit to buy any of it. It just means I’ll be saving a bit less than I’d hoped. Now if I’m off play with my new toys…

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5 thoughts on “A weird (and not very frugal) spending day

  1. Sounds like got a great haul without spending much. It’s pretty much impossible to walk into Paperchase and not buy something!
    I’m finding it really hard to stick to a budget since having a baby – I’m pretty good at not buying clothes for myself but there are so many cute things for her.

    • shoestringalley

      I so know what you mean – there are so many cute things out there! We’ve still got drawers full of clothes that she was given when she was born but I can tell it is going to be difficult to control myself when I actually have to go clothes shopping for her!

  2. Lol at ‘Paperchase – The Mothership’

  3. thefrenchchick

    A small shop for clothes you actually like is better than a big shop anyway. You can get what you like in small amounts and save for the next time in between. Cosmetics that you really like are more likely to get used than ones you’ve “settled for” too.

    I finally figured out that I like Lancome’s lipstick more than any other brand, so I’m going to save up and get two or maybe three shades instead of having six of some other brand that just sit on my shelf.

    • shoestringalley

      This is a really good point. When you ‘settle’ for something you don’t end up using it or enjoying it the same way you would when you get something you love. It’s just learning to tell the difference between the things that count and the things that don’t. Enjoy your lipstick shopping!

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