Frugal fortnight: Day 4 (plus week 5 weigh-in)

Things are picking up a bit on the weight-loss front this week. I’ve made an effort to eat more (this is a diet that doesn’t work if you don’t eat proper meals – one of the reasons I like it so much) and I’ve lost 1.5 pounds taking my total lost (since tracking it on here) to 8 pounds. Nice to cross the half stone mark! I also feel a lot better for not relying on emergency sugary snacks to get an energy boost because I’ve forgotton to eat breakfast or lunch, which is very easy to do when you haven’t slept and have a serious case of brain-fog…

It’s been another rainy day so baby and I went to visit some new friends from our local baby clinic and spent the afternoon swapping pregnancy/birth stories – always gripping when you’ve just been through it all! We’ve got a LoveFilm DVD waiting at home for this evening (Series 2 of Burn Notice, my current favourite) and I’m making a courgette pasta dish using some – free! – courgettes given to us by our neighbours who have an allotment. A fairly frugal day all round…

Today’s spending:

  • Packet of cookies to take to friends house – £1.35

From the shoestring kitchen: Weetabix, Ryvittas with cheese spread and ham, a slice of toast with jam, half a melon, grapes, a banana, fat free fruit yoghurt, 2 chocolate cookies, Courgette pasta (using courgettes, creme fraiche, garlic, lemon juice and fresh basil) and probably some chopped up fruit and yoghurt to follow.

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