Frugal fortnight: Day 3

It rained so much today I nearly made myself a bowl of porridge and read Jane Eyre (October activities in case you’re wondering). What I actually did was go to baby clinic to get baby weighed (another healthy weight gain this week) and meet up with some friends, visit Mum and Dad and do a spot of reading. I’m still loving my local library. It’s only small but I always find something and it keeps me entertained for FREE! I’m currently reading The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams and I actually managed to read a decent chunk of it today as baby girl had a long afternoon nap. The only bit of shopping I did today was in placing an order with Amazon for an Arthur Ransome book (I’m having a Swallows and Amazons phase at the moment. Anyone else think kids books aren’t just for kids?) and my library, great though it is, doesn’t have any of his titles. I’m hoping the weather sorts itself out a bit so I can go for a walk sometime this week!

Today’s spending:


From the shoestring kitchen: Weetabix (I thought of you, Kat!), Omlette and salad, Pate and ryvittas, a slice of toast, a fairy cake (what can I say? When someone offers you home-made cake you take it), the rest of the pork casserole made yesterday with mash (this time made with sweet potatoes) followed by grapes and melon with yoghurt.

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One thought on “Frugal fortnight: Day 3

  1. Hee hee!

    What are you making of The Behaviour of Moths? I read it a while back and thought it was okay – very claustrophobic – but felt like there was something missing somehow.


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