Frugal fortnight: Day 2

It’s been a pottering kind of day today with most of the afternoon spent at my parents house. I did a bit of typing for Dad, read my book, made a quiche with Mum, found new and inventive ways of making baby laugh and attempted to catch up on some sleep while she was napping (it didn’t work -no matter how exhausted I am I cannot sleep in the day. A seriously annoying trait when you’ve only had about 4 hours sleep and not all of that in one go!). The diet has, once more, gone totally out of the window as Dad gave me some Maltesers and Husband bought me a Flake. Oh well. I also managed to eat a reasonable quantity of Nutella after dinner. Speaking of which, the slow cooker is still proving to be worth every one of the £12 spent on it. I threw the ingredients in before leaving the house and then Husband made some mashed potato to go with it this evening. I made enough so we’ve got plenty for dinner tommorow too…

Today’s spending:


From the shoestring kitchen: Half a honeydew melon, a fat-free yoghurt, Omlette and salad, grapes, Pork casserole (pork, carrots, leeks, haricot beans, a cooking apple, stock and tomato puree) with mashed potato. And all of the aforementioned chocolate…

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