Fortnightly Finance Round-up

Here’s my spending round-up for the last fortnight:

  • Food/groceries plus delivery charge – approx. £90
  • Slow cooker £12
  • LoveFilm membership – £12.99
  • Vodafone credit – £10
  • Books – £24
  • Eating out – £27
  • Baby supplies – £12
  • Weight loss/ new clothes fund – £50
  • Misc. (car parking, magazine, stamps etc) – £11

So, I managed to stay within budget but, aside from the £10 per lb clothes fund, I didn’t manage to save anything either. I was also helped out by the fact that I didn’t have to put petrol in the car over the past couple of weeks. Still, I managed to get myself a slow cooker (yay – more on this another day), two books relating to my diet (which I’m not following that closely as yet but it seems to be working anyway) and the latest book by Kathleen Tessaro.

My budget for the next fortnight once again is £249. This will have to include petrol (ouch) but I haven’t got any major things coming up that I need to buy so it should be fine. It would be nice to be able to put something in my general savings fund this time!

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