Slow cookers

I’ve been thinking about getting a slow cooker. Anyone got any advise on what to look out for or what to avoid? I’m also after some decent recipes – ones where you can throw everything in in the morning and it is ready in the evening (not ones that require lots of different steps). I had a look on Amazon for slow cooker recipe books and a lot of people seemed to be complaining about recipes where yoou had to add things along the way and faff about. I’m looking for faff free. Comments appreciated!

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7 thoughts on “Slow cookers

  1. The forum on has wonderful list of ideas, also a daily inspiration thread called what’s in my slow cooker today. I use mine a lot in the cooler months, so nice to fling it all in at breakfast time and smell it cooking all day.

  2. raker

    I bought this one ( half price just before my 2nd child was born in November. It was an absolute life saver.

    It’s a cheap brand, but very reliable. It’s 6.5 litres, so makes plenty for 2 adults and a 3 year old, with freezer left overs. It’s very simple, 2 heat settings. Nothing fancy, nothing to go wrong! Better reviews than the market leading Crock Pot version (and about 1/4 the price!).

    Basically anything you would cook in the oven you can do in the slow cooker, as long as there’s enough liquid in there.

    I bought this book ( for ideas and to get us started and can heartily recommend it (there are also recipes for Christmas present ideas such as slow cooker onion marmalade) – and apparently you can bake in there, but haven’t tried that!

    I use Tom’s morning nap time to “prepare” things (i/e/ chop the veg and sort things out, and that’s it. Nothing more required, apart from checking the liquid level to ensure it hasn’t gone dry throughout the day, until it’s time to serve it.

    Big plus – the house smells GORGEOUS all day!

    I’d definitely recommend the Cookworks one, even if you just want to get a “cheap” one to see how you would get on with it and upgrade to a better known brand later (if that kind of thing bothers you!).

  3. I got a slow cooker from Tescos for £10 – it works perfectly well and is a perfect size for me and The Boy.

    I’ve also got a Hamlyn 200 Slow Cooker Recipe book – most are non-faff and I found it in Robert Dyas (of all places!) for £1.99. I think they sell these in Tescos too but about the £4-5 mark.


  4. French Knots has already said exactly what I was going to say, so I don’t need to say it! Hope all is going well with baby x

  5. I was going to say exactly what Kat said – I have the Tesco one and I think it was about £10. We’ve made chili, beef stew and curry in it and everything has turned out really well. Not sure you really need any frills with a slow cooker!

  6. hollyjune

    I bought my slow cooker for £7 from Asda and it’s brilliant. I’ve only used it a few times because my schedule means that I don’t really have time to put stuff in it before work and sometimes I’m on late shifts.

    The things I’ve cooked have been chilli (meat, onions, beans, tomatoes, spices) and Pulled Pork which I wrote about on my blog (

    That was by far the best thing I’ve made, although not very cheap. Really hoping to use it more this winter.

    Glad to hear everything is going well!

  7. I bought a really great family size Morphy Richards slow cooker but having only used it once I’ll be putting it on Ebay when I get round to it. I’m vegetarian and think they’re better suited to meat cooking which benefits from a long, simmering cooking. I made veggie spag bol the one time I did use it and found it quite watery. I prefer to cook on the hob and make a big batch to freeze.

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