Making plans

While a certain amount of confusion still reigns regarding my finances (some things coming in monthly, some fortnightly, some from maternity leave savings and so on) I’m going to be back to working from a plan from the beginning of next week. I’ll be working to a fortnightly plan with a budget that will need to cover food, petrol, baby supplies, general spending and enterntainment. Anything left over can go in my new easy access general savings fund which will be used for whatever comes up.

I’m currently doing our food shopping online. The delivery charge only adds a few extra pounds but the time saving is huge. It is also a very easy way to keep an eye on our budget as we can see exactly how much we have spent as we go along. Our budget is currently £50 a week so any time we can go under budget we have the opportunity to save a little bit more.

I’d write more on this but my gorgeous girl is grinning at me and chuckling so I’m off to enjoy a bit more baby time…

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One thought on “Making plans

  1. Hi there – hope all is going well. Very wise move I think to get your shopping delivered – I remember when my babies were tiny it was always hard work to time the shopping around feeds etc, much less stressful to let them do the hard work and come to you.

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