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Weigh-in: week 1

I’ve lost 1.5 pounds in the last week. Not exactly a stunning weight loss but in line for good slow and steady progress. I suspect it would have been more were it not for the fact that I had two roast dinners a fry-up and a fair amount of cake ūüôā . Still that will be ¬£15 to go in the pot towards some new clothes…

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The new budget begins

So, today is the first day of my new budget. I have £249 for the next two weeks which needs to cover:

  • Food/grocery shopping
  • General spending money
  • Baby supplies
  • Fuel for car
  • ‘Pounds saved, pounds lost’ fund (¬£10 for every 1 pound in weight lost)
  • LoveFilm membership
  • Anything else that I haven’t thought of!

If I have anything left over this will go in my general savings fund.

I inadvertantly saved a few pounds this morning as I¬†was¬†given¬†a refund on my Tesco delivery. I booked my two hour time slot and yet they turned up early, waking me up and getting me out of bed. Seriously unamusing when I’d been up for hours and had only just managed to get back to sleep! Grrrr.

Thanks to everyone¬†who left advice regarding slow cookers. I am going to investigate further…

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Slow cookers

I’ve been thinking about getting a slow cooker. Anyone got any advise on what to look out for or what to avoid? I’m also after some decent recipes – ones where you can throw everything in in the morning and it is ready in the evening (not ones that require lots of different steps). I had a look on Amazon for slow cooker recipe books and a lot of people seemed to be complaining about recipes where yoou had to add things along the way and faff about. I’m looking for faff free. Comments appreciated!

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Pounds lost, pounds saved

I did my first online weigh in with Slimming World today. To get back to my usual weight I need to lose 26 pounds, so just under two stone. As I said in my last post, I’m not going in for any extreme plans here. I’m¬†hoping for an average¬†loss of 1¬†or 2 pounds a week which would mean¬†the weight¬†should have just about gone by the end of the year.

As a little extra incentive to myself I’m going to put back ¬£10 for every pound in weight that I lose (finances allowing) and then buy myself some new clothes at the end. Whilst rummaging for clothes that might fit me I’ve realised that, for one reason or another, I seem to have a lot of clothes that I just wouldn’t wear anymore so another clear out needs to take place when I’ve got the time and inclination.

Now I’m just looking out of the window and trying to decide¬†whether¬†I should stay in because it is going to rain (and I haven’t figured out the raincover for the pram yet)¬†or of I can sneak out for a little walk…

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Making plans

While a certain amount of confusion still reigns regarding my finances (some things coming in monthly, some fortnightly, some¬†from maternity leave savings and so on) I’m going to be back to working from a plan from the beginning of next week. I’ll be working to a fortnightly plan with a budget that will need to cover food, petrol, baby supplies, general spending and enterntainment. Anything left over can go in my new easy access general savings fund which will be used for whatever comes up.

I’m currently doing our food shopping online. The delivery charge only adds a few extra pounds but the time saving is huge. It is also a very easy way to keep an eye on our budget as we can see exactly how much we have spent as we go along. Our budget is currently ¬£50 a week so any time we can go under budget we have the opportunity to save a little bit more.

I’d write more on this but my gorgeous girl is grinning at me and chuckling so I’m off to enjoy a bit more baby time…

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Shaping up

It’s been an exhausting few weeks, which can be sumarised in one word – colic. Things seem to be improving a little. This is the second evening in a row with baby asleep¬†and me trying to recall what on earth I used to do before she was born. I have no idea what shape my finances are really in. I’m not working towards any plan at the moment as I am still trying to make sense of my current income and the odd times of the month that it seems to turn up. On a positive note, I haven’t been able to get out a great deal (general tiredness, not being able to drive post-caesarean etc etc) so I haven’t really spent that much. I haven’t bought any (non-baby related) stuff so my spending has mainly revolved around food and the odd lunch out when the weather has been nice and we’ve had a reasonable night the night before. Obviously a new baby is an entertainment unit in itself. Many, many hours have been¬†taken up with¬†baby gazing and cooing…

I’m seeing the doctor for my 6 week check up next week (can you believe it has been nearly six weeks?!)¬†and provided all is well I shall be embarking on a gentle diet/fitness regime. I’m not setting any time targets on losing the baby weight -I’m a big believer in the philosophy that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to diets. I shall be heading in the direction of Slimming World as I had some success with them about a decade ago and it is the only diet I can do long term. Mainly because there is no limit to the amount of food you can eat in a day (only the type) and it doesn’t advocate cutting out any food groups. Also, they offer an adjusted plan for people who are breastfeeding to make sure you are getting enough of all the good stuff.

My various books and leaflets suggest that a ‘normal’ weight gain during pregnancy is between 2 – 2.5 stone. I actually put on just over 3.5 stone, which I am fine with. Obviously I lost a lot through baby being born and have lost a few pounds since so I now have around 2 stone to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ll sort out a proper plan after I’ve been to the doctors. I’m also feeling much better in general and am looking forward to getting out and about with the pram and going for a walk every day which should help.

Rather than spending money on joining a group I could just do the obvious¬†to lose weight – ‘eat less, exercise more’. The thing is, we all know this is the case and yet it isn’t very inspiring is it? Plus, as I am breastfeeding and have a baby to look after I want to make sure I am eating plenty of good food every day so I actually need to eat more (of the right foods), not less. It is so easy to eat badly/not enough when you are looking after a wee one. Hours get eaten up and I have found it horribly easy to eat a load of rubbish than take the time to make something decent to eat. This is okay in the short term but it has to stop now. Honestly, I’m not being sponsored by Slimming World but I really like the fact that you can eat loads of healthy things while just limiting treats. So. Next week I’ll work out exactly how much I need to lose and keep track of how I’m doing on here. I’m not after anything drastic but I do want to keep the ball rolling and make sure I am losing a steady one or two pounds a week. Not only do I have a bedroom full of clothes that I can’t get into but I really don’t want to be sat here this time next year looking at old photos of myself and feeling glum.

If things keep improving sleep-wise I hope to be back on blogging form soon!

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