Holidays at home

I woke up to another day of gorgeous sunshine streaming in through the window. I don’t know how long it is going to last so I started thinking about how to make the most of it. One thing we won’t be doing this year is going away on a ‘hot’ holiday. I’m big on holidays – I love them. Any kind – a laid back week in the sunshine, city breaks, winter breaks, UK holidays…we’ve got so much going on and so much to look forward to that thoughts of a lack of a holiday haven’t even hit my radar. That said, seeing the sunshine today instantly took me down the memory lane of holidays past. Anyone else find themselves on holiday, vowing to incorporate more of that kind of lifestyle when they get back home and then getting wrapped up in the day to day within a fortnight? I’ve lost track of the conversations Husband and I have had that go along the lines of what we would do if we actually lived wherever we happen to be visiting. This started me thinking about some of the things we’ve enjoyed most about our favourite holidays in sunny places (I’m a sucker for tiny fishing villages on Greek islands which particularly lend themselves to the following):

  • Going out for lunch and/ or dinner, eating outdoors, sunny evenings
  • People watching from shady cafes
  • Fresh fruit, fish, salads…
  • walking on beaches
  • sitting out in the sun (or in the shade as is often actually the case) and reading a good book
  • swimming outdoors
  • siesta!
  • hiring a boat
  • driving through stunning scenery, taking mysterious turnings and seeing where you end up
  • visiting historic sites

Most of the things on the above list are things that can easily be done at home when the weather is as good as it has been today. Sadly we never know when the good weather is going to appear here in the UK (or vanish again) so it’s good to have an idea of what to do with it when it does turn up.

Husband didn’t have to work this morning so we took off for a walk along the seafront, stopped for a drink and then, after bumping into a friend, went and sat in her garden, had a cup of tea and watched boats zipping back and forth. While I had a nap (we’ll call it a siesta shall we?) Husband nipped over to a neighbouring seaside town and bought a massive piece of cod which he is currently doing something with in the kitchen. We’ll be eating it outside in a little while, squeezing the last few drops out of the day…

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4 thoughts on “Holidays at home

  1. you have pretty much summed up the beauty of the greek islands!! that is the problem in the UK, you just can’t plan for it and you never know how long the sun will last. But now i am away from the UK i miss the cold, the rain and the Englishness of our seaside towns!!

  2. Frugal Trenches

    So glad you had a nice day! I love UK hols – the beach is brilliant even when it rains! So excited for you for baby to make her appearance 🙂

  3. Sounds lovely!! We made some iced lemon tea today and it was almost like being on hols (almost!)


  4. Totally had that Holiday at Home feeling today! oh if only it was like this ALL the time. Its just perfect, not too hot either, a lovely summer breeze… English Summer weather, when its like this, its just the best best best ever.

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