Reading recommendations required

I’m at that weird point – the baby could arrive at any time but she could also still be tucked away in bump land for another month or so. I’m not great at sitting around twiddling my thumbs as I get bored too easily. I’ll be making a trip to the library tomorrow and will hopefully find something riveting to read. Recommendations anyone? I’ve just read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak which was good and am currently re-reading Nella Last’s War – a woman that knew more than a thing or two about thrift and frugality. I was actually in the mood for Sense and Sensibility but my copy seems to have mysteriously vanished. I’ve also just read My Life in France by Julia Childs (from the library) which I loved and also a really annoying book about people moving from the city to the country and hating it. I don’t know why I borrowed it really – I find these books patronising beyond belief. I won’t mention the name of the book or the author because, frankly, neither deserve the attention. There are countless books like this and they all seem to feature bored rich housewives who talk about beauty products at coffee mornings while being looked down on by some hideous, newly relocated creature who moans about being stuck in the house all day and not having a whirlwind social life. Do people like this really exist?! Gah. One book I did love about someone moving to the country is Mrs Fytton’s Country Life by Mavis Cheek so it’s not an entirely hopeless genre. Actually I might have to re-read it if the library lets me down tomorrow. I’m avoiding the baby books for a week or so – there’s only so long you can spend reading, often contradictory, baby care information before it turns into a big blur. So if anyone feels like throwing any ideas my way for a decent read please go ahead!

On the domestic front, I started tackling the house over the weekend. It’s not so much about nesting as trying to get everything straight after the craziness of the redecoration/home improvement projects of the last few months. What the whole place has needed is a full scale spring clean. It’s actually been relatively easy as so much decluttering has been done. The kitchen needs a really good going over but it is too boring to do in one go – I’ve decided to settle on doing one cupboard etc a day until it is finished. Today I managed to send off my forms for my maternity allowance and do a bit more stocking up at Lidl (93p for balsamic vinegar!) as well as finishing the bathroom and doing most of the bedroom. I’m hoping to get all of the ‘big’ clean done this week so it is out of the way and I can do more interesting things. Unless I can’t find anything decent to read in which case I’ll probably just start cleaning again. Anything to avoid daytime TV…

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8 thoughts on “Reading recommendations required

  1. Julie

    Hi, you could try Kate Saunders ‘The Marrying Game’ of ‘Lily Josephine’. Both excellent books and very easy going. Also ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zomies’ It’s hilarious and especially good if you’ve read the original. And if you like crime anything by Linwood Barclay or P J Tracy is a must, real page turners. Hope that helps!

    • shoestringalley

      Hi Julie – thanks for the recommendations. I’ll keep a eye out for those on my next trip 🙂

  2. thefrenchchick

    I’ve been reading the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. He’s got about 9 books out now in paperback so that would keep you busy if you enjoy the first. Nadia’s Song by Soheir Khashoggi was also quite good.

  3. best great reads of late have been ‘Carter Beats the Devil’ can’t remember who it was by but it was rollicking. And The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. couldn’t put it down.

  4. Having said those, what I read was Laura Ingalls Wilder and Narnia Books. Basically re reading childrens books I already know and love. My brain had gone to mush and it was all I could concentrate on!

    • shoestringalley

      I’m a big fan of classic childrens books too. Some of my favourites are the Anne and Little Women books. That said about the classics, I also loved the Harry Potter books and His Dark Materials. I actually have a copy of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but I’m saving it for an emergency!!

  5. I’ve just finished Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, not something I would ever have picked myself but I really enjoyed it (I was sent it as part of a Secret Post Club parcel!) Email me if you want me to post it on to you 🙂

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