Plan for the day

I’ve got a day off today so I’m going to attempt to be at least semi-productive with the time off! A list of things to do keeps nagging away in the back of my head so it would be good to get a few things crossed of it. I’ve been using the last few days of holiday to take a day off each week so, for the last few weeks, I’ve been working four days instead of five which has helped with the tiredness a bit. Next week is my last week at work and then I’m on maternity leave.

After a quick tidy up and putting some washing on the plan for today is:

  • Order rain cover for pram
  • Sort finances and make a plan/budget to last until the end of the month
  • Sort through box of baby things that have been lent to us
  • Finish packing hospital bags (and write list to keep next to it of things to go in at the last minute such as camera, mobile phone etc)
  • Write shopping list and meal plan for next week
  • Sort out ‘to read’ shelf again

I’m intrigued by what the few weeks of maternity leave will be like on the run up to baby arriving. This time last year the prospect of a few weeks at home would have been very different! I get bored but run out of steam quite quickly yet if I don’t make the effort to do things I get cabin fever. It doesn’t help that I can’t seem to find any good books to read either. Over the last week or so I’ve re-read a few old favourites but they won’t keep me going for long. I might need to make a trip to my favourite second-hand book shop. I don’t know how my book collection gets jumbled up so quickly but it does, hence today I am going to have a quick tidy up and re-establish my shelf of books I own or have been lent that I haven’t actually read yet. I’ve also ordered myself a treat – The Ministry of Food by Jamie Oliver so at least I can keep myself entertained by trying out a few new recipe ideas (since I’ve got to cook/eat anyway). It should arrive later this week. The other thing about not working full time is that I won’t necessarily have to do one big shop a week. Since we eat quite a lot of fruit and veg it would actually be better to do two smaller shops a week so I can see that my meal planning and budgeting will end up being adapted somewhat. I still can’t imagine not being at work though!

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One thought on “Plan for the day

  1. thefrenchchick

    It isn’t too bad being at home. You will have to plan your day though, because at first it seems like you’ve got all the time in the world to get things done, but then the day slips through your fingers like water and you find that nothing got done.

    That said, do take at least a day or two to do absolutely nothing and enjoy them. It won’t be quiet once the baby arrives, but you won’t really mind the noise either.

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