A quality bargain

There is a good argument to be made for spending a bit more on better quality items over cheaper versions, even if it sometimes might mean going without something for a bit longer while you save up for something. The idea is that a better quality item will last longer (or maybe perform better) therefore it will actually work out to be better value for money.

I remembered this a couple of days ago when I was in a local, independent department store. When Husband and I got engaged nearly twelve years ago my grandparents gave us some money with the instruction to go out and buy a really nice set of towels. This was much appreciated as we were young enough to not really have much house ‘stuff’ yet and so I duly went out and spent every penny on a lovely set of lavender coloured towels from the aforementioned department store. Over the years we have bought other towels but they are nothing like as nice as those originals which, by the way, are still going strong all this time later. They wash well and are deliciously thick and soft. Amazingly they also look in much better shape than the ones bought in more recent years.

Over the last year or so I’ve contemplated buying another set of towels (as some of the newer ones are beginning to look a bit ropey and thin) but decided against it as I didn’t ‘need’ towels. Now I’m glad I waited. I hadn’t been in the same department store for years until the other day when I realised they had a massive sale on. All of the towels were half price and, in addition, they had an offer of buying three and getting a fourth for free. I managed to get £50 worth of towels for just under £20 – what a bargain! They are of exactly the same quality as the originals, are dreamily cushiony and feel utterly luxurious to the touch.

While I’ve been trying not to spend money on unnecessary items I really did think this was a great purchase and it was a good reminder that sometimes it really does seem better to buy something that costs a bit more. Of course in this particular case it was still cheaper than buying towels in some other places because of the great offers! Maybe there is something to be said for shopping in sales after all…

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3 thoughts on “A quality bargain

  1. oh interesting! we were looking at towels today. what kind were they – worth spending the cash on good towels and ones that last I agree. we have a ropey old set…… would love nice ones! and just to underline your point. have just replaced our toilet seat with one that will hopefully last. cheap one broke after a year. rubbish.

  2. Frugal Trenches

    Isn’t it great when something like that happens? Agreed, re the spending on quality!

  3. thefrenchchick

    Seconding the above and just think how happy the new baby will be wrapped up in one of those glorious fluffy towels after a bath.

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