Keeping busy

I’ve been a bit quiet here in blogland, mainly because things have been very busy and also because normal shoestringing activity has temporarily been suspended. Activity on the home improvement front continues; the new flooring has gone down in the bathroom, the nursery carpet has been laid, we’ve taken a load of stuff that can’t be recycled or re-used to the tip and painting work has begun on the entrance hall. Work has also been keeping me busy and there hasn’t been much time for plotting and planning. Also I can’t make many financial plans because I still don’t quite know what I’m going to be getting paid and when etc. Plus I’ve been having to spend money on getting various things done/replaced so I think I’ll have to wait another month or so to see how the dust settles!  Since most of my blogging revolves around budgeting (and the impact this has on the various things I consume, like my food shopping) there’s not too much I can post about at the moment.

Everything is slowly coming together though. The improvements around our home are increasingly discernable as are the effects of decluttering. I’ll blog about this once I’ve got a bit more time. I am really excited about going on maternity leave next month and trying out a different way of exisiting – I’ve never been away from the workplace for an extended period of time and it presents a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. As for the reason for my leave, I can’t even begin to write about how exciting that is. Our baby is a very busy one and she keeps me amused me all day long with her frequent bouts of mysterious activity. I’ve still got a couple of months to go but time really does seem to have sped up. Keeping busy really does seem to help. Not only do I get the benefits of getting things done but it doesn’t leave me much time for sitting around getting overexcited about the whole thing. Not that being excited is a bad thing, far from it, it’s just that it is a quick route to frustration when you want your baby now and she just isn’t ready yet. So keeping busy is the order of the day for many reasons. On that note, I’m off to sort through some other bags of junk that have emerged from who knows where…

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2 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Frugal Trenches

    So excited for you!!

  2. Ditto what FT said! 🙂

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