The war on stuff

I can see another big sorting out and decluttering session is on the horizon. The spare room is in the transitional phase between being the spare room and a nursery. The walls, ceiling and woodwork have been painted and Dad came up and laid the carpet for us yesterday. As yet there is no actual furniture in the room. What is in there, however, are piles and piles of ‘stuff’. The ‘stuff’ has now crept out of the spare room/nursery and has started to drape itself all over our bedroom in the manner of an obsticle course. I even noticed a rogue bag or two of ‘stuff’ has snuck downstairs (possibly during the night?) and has lined itself up in the living room. ‘Stuff’ is sneaky – you have to watch it constantly otherwise it will have its own way and create chaos.

This stuff is of the worst kind – it doesn’t fall into any clear category (ie books, clothes etc). It comprises completely random items that, upon individual inspection, a) cannot be thrown away and b) have no place to call home. Thus I find myself picking up various objects, looking at them and then putting them back down thinking ‘I’ll, er, deal with that later’. Well, later is now. It has to be done so I might as well just get on and do it and then I can stop thinking about it. And, you know, other benefits like being able to get to my wardrobe and bed…

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2 thoughts on “The war on stuff

  1. Stuff is stressful. I find myself putting ‘stuff’ into pretty wicker baskets to try and make myself feel I’m giving it a home.

    Sometimes works, sometimes you are just adding to the clutter with the wicker…….

    Good luck with it!

  2. Having decided to declutter and get cash instead I have unearthed mountains of stuff. it is now all over the bedroom, along with the stuff normally in the living room that has been displaced due to damp works being done. And then I went to a swish and brought lots of clothes home with me. WHen I have just managed to clear some out. Must stop aquiring new stuff.

    good luck with your efforts!

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