White wash

The drawers for the nursery are arriving next week so I can start unpacking things and putting them away soon. We’ve been given lots of clothes for the baby plus we’ve bought a few things ourselves. I trotted to the shops yesterday and bought some non-bio clothes wash so the first load is on at the moment. We seem to have a huge amount of stuff but it spans a fairly wide age range so it will keep baby going for quite some time. Today I’m trying to get all of the white things washed. Although we were told at our scan that we are almost certainly having a girl we decided to buy some neutral things as you never know – hence we have a selection of plain white babygrows and so on. There are also towels, blankets and bedding…

As with just about every aspect of pregnancy there is a lot of contradictory advice out there about what you ‘ought’ to buy, what you ought not to buy and how early everything needs to be ready. I tend to think that the most important thing is sticking with what seems right to you (and to be discriminating about where and who you take advice from!). One of my friends got everything ready a couple of months in advance (which was just as well as her baby was 6 weeks early) whereas another only started writing a list of what to pack for the hospital once her waters had actually broken (a week after her due date). In neither case did the world come to an end. Personally, I’m enjoying playing with the tiny, doll sized clothes and blankets and have found that getting everything ready in advance is half the fun. Yesterday I read something (don’t ask me where – I can’t remember) that the whole nesting phenomenon is actually a good way to prepare yourself psychologically for the arrival of your baby. The research done suggested that parents of premature babies were sometimes thrown by the sense of feeling unprepared to bring their babies home (aside from any other complications from having a premature baby of course). I don’t know how true this is but it is a theory that makes sense to me. As a first timer there is an awful lot of new stuff and lingo to get your head around. I want to be able to unpack everything and at least skim read the instructions before baby arrives so I have a vague idea of what it is all about. I’d also like everything to be set up and ready to go a good month in advance, not just because I like the idea of it being done but because I am getting more tired as each week passes and want to be able to pack in as much rest as possible in those last few weeks!

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