Yet more adventures in DIY

Progress is still being made on the DIY front…the kitchen is just about back to normal with almost everything cleared. The bedroom and landing are still full of random piles of things from the living room that we haven’t decided what to do with but that can be sorted out a bit at a time. I’ve spoken to the plumber and it looks like we might be able to get a new shower fitted before the weekend. This is an annoying expense and wasn’t part of the home improvements plan – we weren’t expecting it to break! However, this needs to be done ASAP as I am getting bigger by the day and am finding it increasingly tricky to wash my hair without a shower. It’s always the small things that drive you mad! I also need to chase up the people who are doing the flooring in the bathroom…the list of things to do goes on…and on…and on

Home Improvement 44: Bathroom ceiling painted

Home Improvement 45: Bathroom radiator painted

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One thought on “Yet more adventures in DIY

  1. My goodness….you are going great guns! Keep it up, it will all be worth it!

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