Off the bench…

…or whatever the term is. I’m not dithering on the sidelines anymore anyway. Husband is painting a last corner after a morning of moving some of the furniture back into the living room with the help of a very kind friend. I have spent the last hour trying to sort out the kitchen. Despite taping up doorways everything is covered in a film of dusty stuff from sanding the floorboards. I can’t put everything away yet but I can at least clear a lot of the surfaces and get in there! Such a novelty. I’m tackling the mess by doing an hour of cleaning followed by a half hour break (trying to be sensible) – hence I am tinkering here for a moment. After days of faffing about it feels good to be put into action and get things done. I suspect the next hour long burst is going to involve the hoover followed by a lot of wiping things down…

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