Break 4 (and a week without TV)

The kitchen has been abandoned in favour of playing with the bookshelves, or rather my vast collection of books. Despite the fact that I have managed to get a double layer of books on most of the shelves there still isn’t room for them all. I suspect my parents will be getting a phone call begging for a bit of attic space (one of the things I most look forward to about living in a house rather than a flat/maisonette is having an attic). Husband has gone to pick up the flat packed table and chairs we bought the other week and I am making myself take a break. Not easy because I really want to see those bookshelves full and organised…

I’ve always hankered after bookshelves in the living room but, because the old table and chairs were so big, there just wasn’t room. Now there is! See, it’s all worth it in the end. Sad as it may be, I can’t tell you how much I am already enjoying being able to have all of my recipe books in one place and so on. I know I’ll use them all that much more because I can actually see them. I’m just left with the tricky choices between which books to keep out and which ones will have to be packed away until we move.

I’ve just realised that we haven’t watched any TV for about a week. We only have one TV in the house and, since we haven’t been able to use the living room, we haven’t been able to use the TV either as it is wall mounted. Hopefully we’ll be able to curl up on the sofa later and watch the DVD that arrived from LoveFilm. Thankfully I took a beef casserole out of the freezer so we can have something decent to eat without actually cooking anything. Sounds just the ticket. Right. I’m going to have a hot chocolate and then get back on with the task at hand…

Home Improvement 43: Bookcases moved to the living room!

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