Break 3

Mo and Make Do Mum have decided we’re in nesting mode! Perhaps this is true. I, however, begin suspect insanity. We keep having wild bursts of activity and then sit jibbering in the corner surrounded by the mess we’ve made. Then decide to plunge straight into something else. It is not rational behaviour. Who wants a tidy, redecorated house anyway? Oh yeah, that’s us…damn it.

Has anyone else noticed the way that, when you decorate one room, it immediately highlights how shabby the one next to it looks by comparison? I was cleaning the tiles in the kitchen thinking ‘Hmmm, they could really do with regrouting…’. I need to be stopped. I am not doing the kitchen as well. Except there are a few splatter marks on the wall. And the grout really is very grubby looking now. And the microwave is twelve years old and looks like someone has been playing football with it. And don’t start me on the woodwork. ARGH!

One thing at a time. One thing. Or maybe three. But that is it. Right, this isn’t getting the kitchen cleaned is it? See what I mean about the jibbering?!

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One thought on “Break 3

  1. I know exactly what you mean about how when you do one thing, something else looks shabby. After we did the bathroom the hallway outside looked really glum.

    Oh well 🙂

    You seem like you’re making amazing progress though so stick with it


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