On it goes…

Another day of upside down living…everything is everywhere. I can only just about make a cup of tea in the kitchen, it is so rammed with stuff! Forget cooking anything. I suspect we might be venturing back to the pub for dinner tonight. Husband is just finishing up a second coat of white paint on the walls and will do a final coat of varnish on the mid-landing floorboards before we go to bed tonight. The new skirting boards are propped up in the hallway and, if all goes to plan, they’ll get a last coat of paint this evening. Hopefully, hopefully this means they can go on tomorrow and then we might actually be able to start moving some furniture back in. The table and chairs are now in storage until we move so, at some point in the next week, we will be able to put the new smaller version together.

Home Improvement 37: Floorboards in living room varnished

Home Improvement 38: Floorboards on mid-landing varnished

Home Improvement 39: Walls and ceiling in living room painted

Home Improvement 40: Table and chairs have been taken to a friends storage unit

I’m in sore need of a treat so I’m about to go on the prowl for the Eclipse trailer released today!

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2 thoughts on “On it goes…

  1. Eclipse trailer; did you find it? It’s on Pop Sugar {saddo that I am} I’m so excited about that film…and the DVD release of New Moon on the 22nd; haven’t seen it yet as I was very late to the Twilight party 🙂

    anyways, back to your post, you;re doing so well on your jobs list; much better than me!

  2. What a nightmare! Though it’ll be well worth it when it’s all finally done xx

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