Dinky storage

How many people must have a set of these?!

I just love the mini chests of drawers from IKEA. This 9 drawer version was bought last September and has finally been put together. They have been organised thus:

  1. My sunglasses and spec cases
  2. Husband’s sunglasses
  3. Bookmarks (I have hundreds – people are always giving me them!)
  4. Purses and wallets
  5. Cheque/paying in books
  6. Biros
  7. Other bits of stationery
  8. Nails, batteries and similar bits and bobs
  9. Messy drawer for anything!

It is brilliant to have a proper to keep all of these little things as a) I now know exactly where to find them and b) I know where I can put them away when they start cluttering the place up. So, Home Improvement 26: More storage, can be added to the list. I actually bought a 3 drawer version at the same time but haven’t decided where they might be able to go – I’m sure they’ll come in handy at some point though!

We’ve also completed Home Improvement 27: Clearing out bureau and finding new homes for its contents. Every drawer, cupboard and pigeon hole is empty. If you include all of the paperwork I had to sort, store and shred I’ve been trying to get this emptied for months. Some areas are relatively straightforward to sort out – others aren’t. It depends what is being kept there, how much of it there is and how important it is! However, perseverance seems to have paid off and it is done.

Speaking of some areas being easier to tackle than others, does anyone else get the fear about decluttering and clearing out certain areas? Inexplicably, I am able to deal with most cupboards, drawers and so on and yet…I find myself consistently avoiding the built in cupboard/wardrobe in the spare room, the sideboard and the CDs. Just the thought of trying to deal with them brings me out in a cold sweat and I can’t think of any reasonable explanation for it! And yet they must be done…

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5 thoughts on “Dinky storage

  1. thisthriftedlife

    I hate decluttering our safe, and it really needs to be done again. So much paperwork to clean out!

  2. Frugal Trenches

    I don’t have them but I know loads who do! I agree re the fear, for me it is about paperwork, I want to dump it all but know I might need something someday!

  3. The mini chest drawers seem perfect for organizing. I think I’ll invest in some. I definitely need to get de-cluttered, and for me as well, it’s the paper.

  4. I’ve had the three-drawer version of the Ikea mini chest of drawers for about 15 years and they are wonderful. At the moment they’re storing all my embroidery floss but they’ve been used in loads of different incarnations over the years – and they’re always unbelievably useful.

  5. apieceofwood

    I had the six drawer version and can’t remember what I kept in there, but good old Ikea!

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