A doing day, home improvements and advice wanted!

The mid-landing project is still underway though coming together nicely. So far I can tick off:

  • Home Improvement 20: Fill in holes and paint walls and ceiling white on mid-landing
  • Home Improvement 21: Paint all skirting boards, doors, door frames and shelf on mid-landing
  • Home Improvement 22: Take down all old photos/prints and put up new/reallocated ones
  • Home Improvement 23: Buy and put up key rack

This means I am nearing the halfway point for my 50 Home Improvements! The fact that so much has been done is largely down to a huge amount of effort from Dad who has also been doing extras like doing some extraordinary cleaning/polishing of the brass door handles which now quite literally look like new.

I’ve got a day booked off on Friday but it is meant to be a day for doing, not for lazing. I’ve already written my meal plan for next week plus a bumper sized list of things to stock up on (sure to be a terrifyingly large bill) so I’ll try to get the big shop out of the way fairly early on in the day. I suspect the rest of the day will be given over to, yes you guessed it, more decluttering and moving thigns around. I need to have a good sort through all of the things that have been stashed on the mid-landing as well as having a real ‘go’ at the second bedroom. Until we’ve figured something else out I’;m going to have to keep a lot of my books where they are. However, I can start clearing out the built in wardrobe and make another attempt at clearing the bureau.

I went to order the table (I mentioned this ages ago) from IKEA and was amazed that a small gate-leg table could come with a £35 delivery charge. I could understand it if it was something large like a sofa! Husband and I have decided that we might as well spend the money on fuel and go and get it ourselves. This means we could have a look at a couple of other things, like chairs, that we also need. I’m not sure when we’ll actually get around to going but hopefully we’ll manage it in the next month.

Advice on any of the below would be gratefully received!

Does anybody out there have any thoughts on /experience of IKEA cots? I assume they meet current guidelines and so on but if anyone has actually bought one or knows someone that has and has any pearls of wisdom I’m all ears!

Also, I’m contemplating getting a house plant for a particular corner of my living room. The trouble is, the area doesn’t get any sunlight at any point during the day and I don’t want to get something that is just going to die after a few weeks. And I don’t want any more cacti! Does any one know of a nice plant, fairly small, that does well in a darkish corner?!

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7 thoughts on “A doing day, home improvements and advice wanted!

  1. thisthriftedlife

    I love snake plants. They require very little care and only need moderate sunlight to grow. It’s also high on the list of plants that are good air purifiers.

  2. N

    Ikea cots are good and do the job. We did look at getting one (they were a standard cot mattress size when we looked but do check in case you want to get a mattress from somewhere else- we got our mattress from mothercare) but ended up loaning one from some friends.

    If you’re thinking of a plant – who about a dragon tree? They come in all sizes and are not too expensive. Mine is very happy in a shady area.

  3. thefrenchchick

    I wondering if IKEA’s shipping charge is just a good way to get shoppers in their store to buy more things. That shipping charge is outrageous.

    As far as the cots, we’ve got a safety recall here in the states on all drop side infant cots (cribs to us) due to babies getting trapped and suffocating. If your government does something similar, it would be worth checking the government’s recall website and avoid any recalled cots.

    Another plant that does well in shade would be any type of fern. They normally grow under trees so they don’t need much sun and they actually do fine with just artificial light. Or a spider plant, one of the varigated variety, should do fine too. They can be grown in a hanging pot, which would keep the plant out of reach of the little one. They also send out thin runners that produce small spider plants. Snip these off and pot them up and you could have your own plant sale. Or a ready supply of free replacements, should the original decide to die off.

  4. apieceofwood

    When I moved out of home, some 13 years ago, I was given a money plant (who knows what they are called properly) – but it’s low maintenance, is happy wherever I stick it and I haven’t managed to kill it…

    Well done on the 50 progress!

  5. we used a second hand ikea cot. we got a new mattress. its not drop sided, and was in plain wood, and you can alter the height of the mattress to 2 stages. Bub still sleeps in it. but we didn’t put him in it till he grew out of the moses basket.

  6. and we are very happy with it. other folk got the cot bed, which is slightly bigger and you can take the sides off and it turns into a bed….. but as we were given ours we were fine about it. do you have a local free ad paper? as long as you get a fresh mattress its fine!

  7. I’m a bit late to this, but we have an Ikea sniglar cot. It was really cheap but I quite like that it is so simple. No problems with it yet!

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