Wardrobe, voucher and pasta inspiration

Another bit of mix and match action from my maternity basics and stock of accessories to come up with something new. I love this silk butterfly scarf and don’t wear it nearly often enough. It goes with a lot of things but I was feeling the monochrome vibe today hence…

My small collection of bracelets and bangles are largely neglected but, as I’ve been trying to make an effort to get use out of what I’ve got, I’ve been wearing them a bit more often. This large silver bangle, a gift from the Christmas before last, has been worn quite a few times in the last few weeks and seems to go with a lot of things.

I’m planning a big shop on Friday. I generally do one big shop a month and then a smaller weekly shop but I haven’t really done this since Christmas when my job and wages changed. However, I received some good Tesco Clubcard vouchers over the weekend so I’m going to make the most of them!

Speaking of vouchers, I’ve started looking into various deals online. Through Google I found a host of restaurant offers and a couple of weekends ago we went to ASK with a voucher printed from the internet. It was either £10 or £12 (I can’t remember now!) for a three course meal. The menu that applied to the offer was small but the four of us all easily found something we liked and had a gorgeous meal for really very little. When we paid they also gave us a voucher detailing their current offer – 2 main meals for the price of one from Sunday to Thursday. Since we don’t have the opportunity to go during the week (we live too far away) I posted the voucher to a friend who lived nearby, just on the off chance that she might like it. I saw her at the weekend and she told me she had actually used it! I don’t know why but this really pleased me…sharing the voucher love maybe! A very small amount of investigation online revealed lots of similar vouchers and deals so we’ll be doing this again before long.

Now I’m off to dig out my pasta recipe book – I’m fairly sure it survived the book cull. I haven’t made pasta much recently (I’ve got tired of my usual recipes) and yet it offers a great base for some shoestring meals so I’m hoping to find a few fresh ideas…

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5 thoughts on “Wardrobe, voucher and pasta inspiration

  1. Nice outfit 🙂 Loving the scarf.

    Good luck with the pasta inspiration – we have a staple here we have at least every fortnight, Pasta with Chorizo and peppers. Fry onion, green peppers until brown, add 1 pack sliced chorizo (from ham section in supermarket), continue to fry. Add small can tomatoes, or jar of sauce. Serve over pasta. Really nice and also cheap!

  2. I love that bangle and scarf. You are doing very well at making maternity clothes look chic!

    I always check online for vouchers too, I like the restaurant section on moneysavingexpert.

  3. Frugal Trenches

    love love the bangle and scarf! It is so exciting isn’t it finding out about new things!

  4. Paige

    I too have tons of accessories. Bangles, necklaces and earrings. Too many. I just found out I have a new job starting Monday! So I plan to buy some trousers and tops and use my collection to mix and match the outfits more. I love the scarf! So cue 🙂

  5. That outfit looks totally gorgeous! Well done on your challenge!

    And don’t you love it when those Tesco clubcard vouchers come through? My weekly big shop had £8.50 knocked off which put a big fat smile on my face!


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