Pottering and getting things done

I’ve got quite a few things done today in a pleasantly laid-back, pottering sort of way. Husband was out early helping a friend move a sofa and a roll of carpet into his new house so I took a stroll into town and went to the flooring shop. At some point we need to put new vinyl down in the bathroom and re-carpet the spare room. There was plenty to choose from so I’ll be going back in a month or so. Although it is a chain store, not an independent, I think it is still worth supporting. In small towns, like the one where I live, any business that creates a bit of local employment is fine by me! Thinking about this made me realise that I hadn’t been into my favourite second-hand book shop for a very long time. As in a very long time. I’ve been surviving mostly from my ‘unread’ shelf and the library but I was a bit bored with both and also realised that if locals don’t make some purchases then great little businesses, like my bookshop, won’t be able to stay open. I spent £5 on two novels, chosen while doing a discreet jig to the plinky plonky jazz music, before a quick visit to the beach and then coming home.

We managed to make a little bit of progress on the landing project. The newly painted shelf went back up and Husband put up a picture and the key rack. I’m sorely tempted to post a photo but I’m going to wait until the two week deadline is up. At the rate we’ve been going it should be finished in time!

I also found time to write a letter to my friend in the States who sent me a lovely maternity top (and a necklace!). I realised I hadn’t seen the top since I opened the package and emptied every single drawer we have before I found it hanging in Husband’s wardrobe. I know it was me that put it there. I’m going to blame the hormones. Anyway, my Next delivery turned up at the same time (trousers and jogging bottoms both fit fine) so I decided I might as well do another raid on my wardrobe as yet more things are suddenly unwearable. My wardrobe now pretty much contains maternity clothes and nothing else. For the first time ever I really do have a capsule wardrobe! We won’t mention the five drawers that are now so full of non-maternity wear that they can’t be opened or closed properly…it’s not like I’m going to be needing them any time soon anyway!

I also found and ordered a Pregnancy Yoga DVD from Amazon. I’ve been looking for a local class but I’ve given up. The closest one I could find would require a 60 mile round trip which a) I’m not going to be in the mood for after a day at work and b) would end up being really expensive. I’m usually a bit dubious about any kind of exercise DVD because I’ve bought them before and then never used them! However, this is something I really want to do. I’ve taken less exercise in the past few months than I have in years. I’ve done nothing except for having a short walk on my lunch break. I quite like going for a walk but I just can’t make myself do it when it is cold, raining and dark! I’m really looking forward to the clocks changing so I can go for a walk after work in daylight. I need to make an effort to increase my fitness again. Nothing strenuous – just lots of walks in the fresh air and a bit of yoga specifically designed for pregnancy. It should help when that due date comes around!

That all done, I spent a bit of time with my lovely best friend and am now contemplating what to do next. Husband is cooking me dinner tonight so I’m thinking a bath (using as many of my new skincare gifts as I can manage) and one of my new books would be a good place to start…

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3 thoughts on “Pottering and getting things done

  1. apieceofwood

    Sounds like my kind of day! Enjoy your bath!

  2. Hopefully you’ll stick to the yoga – see if you can allocate a specific time of day to do it, almost like it’s an appointment, then you’re more likely to keep it up. I’m currently using a “yogalates” DVD which I think is great! 🙂

    Let us know how you get on x

  3. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for your nice message on my blog. Caroline x

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