Maternity planning

I’ve spent a bit of much needed time trying to get some paperwork in order this evening as well as a bit of online activity including:

  • Filling out my paperwork to get Maternity Allowance (need to check a couple of things by phone before posting which I will hopefully manage to get finished by tomorrow)
  • Looked out the leaflet for the £190 Health in Pregnancy Grant so I can ask the midwife for the form
  • Made a note in my diary to make a midwife appointment for next week before arranging transfer to new surgery (closer to home)
  • Phoned the garage to ask them to send me a copy of my MoT certificate (which I must have lost on the way home from the garage – very annoying but at least I realised!)
  • Did my online banking and sorted out my finances for the last week until I get paid
  • Decided on when to start my maternity leave (need to confirm this to my employer tomorrow by email)
  • Filled out Bounty membership form and put offer details in my bag so I can pick up a free samples pack next time I go past a Boots

I also ordered yet more things from the Next maternity range. I’ve been doing quite well with the large, non-maternity trousers given to me by a colleague but I can see they aren’t going to last for too long as they get uncomfortable around the middle when I’m sitting down. Similarly, while the belly band is great in many respects (and will keep me in my skinny jeans a bit longer) it is also kind of annoying as it wriggles around a bit and needs to be adjusted quite often. It’s okay for going out but annoying for daily wear. I’ve ordered a pair of black workwear trousers (£20) and a pair of comfy looking black jogging bottoms (£14). I’m actually laughing as I type this; the latter will be for wearing at home – I very much doubt they’ll see any jogging action! Other than underwear and maybe some kind of nightie to wear in hospital I think I’m done with buying maternity clothes now. I’ve got a good selection of basics and, provided the two pairs of trousers from Next fit okay, I should have everything I need. The only exception I can see would be if we had a freakish heatwave sometime in May (it does happen) in which case I might need one or two things (maybe a cotton dress and a couple of vests) just to get me through to the end and for the few months after.

In case anyone is interested my maternity wardrobe consists of:

  • Pack of 3 T-shirts (Next) £12
  • Belly band (Jojo) £15
  • Jeans (Next sale) £10
  • Maternity top (Next sale) £15
  • Neutral cardi (H&M) £24.99
  • Black cardi (H&M) £19.99
  • Grey jumper (H&M) £17.99
  • Black stretchy top (H&M) £7.95
  • Navy and red striped top (New Look) £10
  • Black workwear trousers (Next) £20
  • Black jogging bottoms (Next) £14

Total £166.92. I don’t think this is bad going at all. I know you can get some great buys on ebay and so on but it didn’t really fit in with my plans at the time. I like Next because they deliver to me quickly, out here in my small rural town, and the rest came from a single shopping trip to H&M and New Look when I really wanted to be able to try things on. When I was saving up for my family fund I ‘allocated’ £200 for clothes so this seems to have gone fairly well to plan as the above list doesn’t include what I’ve spent/have yet to spend on underwear. Obviously I’ve got a fair selection of non-maternity clothes to supplement this with such as a few long, smock tops and cardi’s which don’t need to be done up as well as the versatility the belly band offers with non-maternity trousers.

The way I see it, there’s no point making yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable by wearing badly fitting clothes nor is there any point in going mad and spend hundreds and hundreds on a maternity wardrobe – for me anyway. There has to be a balance. It’s not as though I’m going to be back to my pre-pregnancy size as soon as I give birth (ha!) so I’ll be wearing this stuff for quite a while. I suppose it also depends on what kind of weather we get but I feel like I’ve got the right amount of things, the right kind things and spent about the right amount of money for what I wanted to get. Now I’ve just got to get all of that paperwork sent out and make some appointments!

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8 thoughts on “Maternity planning

  1. Sounds like you got some great bargains there! Don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but a pregnant friend of mine has sourced most of her maternity clothes from charity shops, and she’s managed to look super stylish to boot.


    • shoestringalley

      Gah – I wish we had some of those kind of charity shops around here! My local ones are full of clothes for the over 80s…

  2. Frugal Trenches

    I think that is a really really healthy attitude! Plus when you add in post-birth and any more children, very good value for money! 🙂

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks! I’m really pleased with the things I’ve bought – they are super comfy 🙂

  3. thefrenchchick

    If your local hospital offers hospital gowns, I would seriously consider using those rather than buying a nightie for the hospital stay. The reason being that once you have given birth, well, to put it as delicately as possible, it’s kind of like having an extra heavy menstrual cycle. Nothing to worry about. Just why risk staining a brand new nightie.

    • shoestringalley

      I doubt I’ll be getting anything glam – probably a cheapy one for under £10 that I won’t be sad to say goodbye to!

  4. You might want to budget for a nursing bra. also are you not needing new bra’s already? if not yet, then you soon will!! I got a pack of 2 nursing bras from Mothercare for £25 which lasted me. although i did have to dye the white one pink as it went very grey! And also, if you are going to breast feed, you might want to get some tops that facilitate this. I got some extra large spagetti strap vest tops from Peacock which I wore underneath, then I could life the top top up and pull the vest top down under my boob, and didn’t expose my flabby tummy to the world!! it was very discrete!

    and the last few weeks you can get very big – bigger than you ever think is going to be possible!! get some stretchy things!!

    so exciting though!!

    • shoestringalley

      I haven’t included them on my list of clothes as I gave ‘outerwear’ its own budget. I’ve been getting properly measured every time things get a bit tight. I know I’ll need to get even more over the next few months so I’m buying items as and when I need them rather than sticking to a set budget. I’ve been advised to get measured for nursing stuff a couple of weeks before my due date and not before because, er, things change a lot around that time 🙂 .

      The two pairs of trousers arrived from Next today and are very stretchy indeed so I think I’ll be okay with those. The only thing I might get is a floaty summer dress if it gets very hot as I don’t have anything like that. I may well buy some new flat shoes in the summer too as they’ll be more comfortable but I wouldn’t count that as maternity wear!

      I really love each and every thing I have bought and am so pleased with it all. And I am sooooo comfortable! And, yes, it is very exciting!!

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