Catching up and getting on

Over the past month we’ve had a variety of gifts (things for the baby and things for me!) and things lent to us so I thought it was about time I sat down and wrote some thank you cards and caught up with a few people in general. Shame to let my stationery collection go to waste!

The two-week landing project is well under way thanks mainly to my Dad who came over today weilding a tin of paint and a roller. The holes have been filled and the walls and ceiling have been painted. I found that tin of woodwork paint too so that is one less thing to buy. Last night I took down all of the the photo frames and put aside a small pile of things to go to the dump at the weekend. I haven’t sorted through what is left over yet (hence I now have a large pile of ‘stuff’ in the living room) but it’s great to see things happening!

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One thought on “Catching up and getting on

  1. Frugal Trenches

    I am great at writing cards and horrible at posting them! I too feel a twinge of saddness when I say goodbye to lovely stationery!

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