2 weeks to do…

I’ve decided to give myself a series of deadlines for our ongoing home improvements, the length of time varying depending on what part we’re focusing on. Our landing is next on the hit list. It is an odd kind of area; there are doorways to the kitchen, living room, loo and cupboard as well as a flight of stairs coming up from the entrance hall and another flight of stairs going up to the bedrooms/bathroom. Incidentally, we live in an odd kind of place. Even the estate agents can’t agree on what it is exactly. The closest description is a maisonette. It is basically the result of a madman carving up a very large, very old house into flats and a couple of odd bits like ours. The landing is an awkward sort of area and is one of our main dumping grounds for the things that we just don’t know what else to do with. It has very little natural light, a lot of entrances and exits and attracts mess and dust like a magnet. While it isn’t a room (by any stretch of the imagination) it is an area in it’s own right and needs a bit of TLC. I figure that two weeks is a reasonable amount of time to spend on it as that gives room for a day on/day off sort of approach to getting it straight. Here’s the plan:

  • Paint walls and ceiling white
  • Paint all woodwork (skirting boards & multiple door frames) white
  • Paint small shelf (also white – are you sensing a theme?)
  • Take down all old photos/pictures
  • Fill in holes
  • Put up new key rack
  • Put up new/re-allocated photos/prints/possibly a mirror
  • Clear away all clutter
  • Take broken lamp/old tins of paint/general rubbish to the dump
  • Mend and paint small, battered table
  • Give floorboards a good scrub down

It’s a case of time and effort rather than a lot of money. The only things we’ll need to buy are white emulsion and woodwork paint, maybe a pot of filler and perhaps a new paint brush and roller. I bought a key rack a couple of weeks ago for £16.95 plus P&P which I’m looking forward to putting up. The rest of the things that I’ll be accessorising the area with will probably come from shuffling things around from elsewhere in the house. I’ve got a drawer where I’ve been hoarding photo frames so, once everything else is done, I can look at the bare walls and see what might work. If we get time/really enthusiastic, I’d also like to add to the list:

  • Paint skirting board and banisters on second flight of stairs
  • Paint shelves in alcove on stairs

I’m prepared to be flexible about this though. I know from experience that trying to do too many things at once tends to lead to failure! Doing all of this is much easier when you can book a week, or even a few days, off work. However, Husband and I are hoarding our holiday days at the moment so we’re trying to get all of this done on top of full-time jobs and day to day life stuff. This is one of the reasons I have to keep changing my approach. In January, having a list of odds and ends to accomplish through the month was the easiest way to get some things done. Last pay day it was best to pay out for a series of repairs, rather than spending the money on new things for the house or putting it into savings. Now I’ve done a serious bout of decluttering it seems best to focus on a single area. While it is an awkward space to work in it is also quite easy as there isn’t much in the way of furniture and accessories to move out while things are done so it shouldn’t be too disruptive. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post a finished pciture in 2 weeks time!

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One thought on “2 weeks to do…

  1. Good luck!! I don’t envy all that painting, it drives me mad and gives me arm ache but once it’s done it’ll make such a difference I bet xx

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