Wardrobe inspiration

The other week I mentioned my wardrobe quest – basically an attempt to make a bit more of my existing clothes and accessories by making more of an effort to actually wear them all! I’ve since bought a few maternity items (and stored away yet more clothes that I won’t be able to wear for some time) so I’ve been playing with different combinations. I’ve got a lot of basic staples, mainly plain tops and cardigans, which can be mixed and matched, and provide a nice blank canvass for my large collection of accessories. This weekend wasn’t, perhaps, the most exciting start but ‘ere ’tis…

Annoyingly this photo makes the T-shirt look a bit wishy-washy – the green has actually got a bit more punch to it. It was one of a pack of three maternity tops from Next, which worked out to be just £4 each. The scarf I bought, also from Next, sometime last year I think and the black cardi is from the H&M maternity range. I have a couple of other black cardi’s in different styles that this would also work well with. I wore this with a black bangle and some little black studs which I suppose I ought to have included in the photo!

I’m not alone in trying to make a bit more of my wardrobe – is it the time of year? Maybe it’s something specific to the thriftier folk among us. After all, if you’re trying to spend/accumulate less in general it makes sense to get the most out of what you’ve already got. Other bloggers currently on wardrobe missions include Holly who is doing a rather fabulous dress/skirt challenge for February and Kat who is putting together a new outfit a week centred around an item she doesn’t usually wear. A couple of other bloggers have also mentioned similar intentions so I’m hoping to see more of this kind of thing – it’s inspiring to hear about other people’s ideas and ways of getting inspired!

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8 thoughts on “Wardrobe inspiration

  1. Frugal Trenches

    love love love that pattern. swooning in the west country!

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks! It’s been doing a grand job of keeping me warm and wrapped up…

  2. Nice combo!
    I’ve just moved K’s clothes into her own wardrobe (she has more clothes than me!) so I can actually see what I have in there now. I really like the idea of creating an outfit around something you don’t often wear.

    • shoestringalley

      It must be nice to get it all sorted out now her room is finished – and to get your own wardrobe back!.

  3. Oooh – like this scarf. I’ve only just discovered the difference a pashmina or scarf can bring to an outfit.

    • shoestringalley

      You’re in for some fun then! I have two entire drawers dedicated to scarves…and that was what was left after I cleared out my collection…

  4. That combination is BEAUTIFUL!

    You know I have a skirt in pretty much a matching print, I’ll have to do a wardrobe challenge with it one day as I rarely wear it (it’s a funny length!)


  5. I love that colour combination!

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