The messy drawer

I am sure someone else here in blogland has mentioned this recently but I did laugh at a bit in a recent Gavin and Stacey (which I love by the way) where Gavin’s Mum asks if something is in the messy drawer. We all have at least one, don’t we? A bit like Monica Gellar with her secret messy cupboard that she kept carefully locked. We have a few chests of drawers around the house (and one or two cupboards). Personally I need a messy drawer or shelf in each one of them. A ratio of three tidy drawers to one messy one is okay in my book – some things are just to random to have an allocated space!

Our sideboard has three drawers and I’ve just cleared mine out. Husband has ownership of the other two so he can do with those as he likes. Funnily enough, while he doesn’t ‘do’ decluttering he can get quite into clearing out drawers – he seems to have a big frenzy about once a year. As for the cupboard space underneath…that’s another story. I thought I’d be able to clear it out in one go but it was too big a task for one woman. I settled for filling a carrier bag full of things that can be thrown out and leaving the rest for another day. Bit by bit and all that.

We’re back to the bathroom/things breaking drama. The hot tap on the bath (supposedly fixed last week) is not working properly again which is even more of a nightmare than before because the shower broke at the weekend – argh! Apparently the bath needs new taps. Cue multiple phone calls and rearranging of things. The plumber is booked to come back tomorrow. Replacing the shower is going to have to wait for a bit – there’s too much else to sort out first.

We have a funny little corner with a shelf, some very out of date photos and bits and bobs above which hangs our keys. I’ve got plans for freshening this area up a bit though I’ll have to wait until we’re ready to do some painting before I get going on it. However, I did manage to find a rather gorgeous key rack online for under £20 which I have ordered.

So today I have managed to:

  • Clear out and tidy up my messy drawer in the sideboard
  • Clear a carrier bags worth of rubbish from the sideboard cupboard
  • Put together another bagful of things to take to the charity shop (some old board games we’re never likely to use plus a couple of books)
  • Book the plumber (again)
  • Order a key rack

Not bad going…

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4 thoughts on “The messy drawer

  1. It was probably me with the messy drawers – it’s one of my 2010 things to do. There are 3 in the sideboard that are just stuffed full of weird wires and pens and elastic bands and batteries and other pointless things.

    We tackled one of them over the weekend and found it looked less messy if we put partitions in the drawers, so I made some up out of an old shoebox lid! 🙂


  2. Frugal Trenches

    In N.America they call it a junk drawer, I think it’s the secret to a happy life 😉 My problem is my mum is a total total neat freak and when she comes over she sorts it (!) and then re-arranges my tins to make sure everything is facing the same way….! lol junk drawers in my house don’t last long!!!

  3. Ah yes. the messy drawer. We have one in the kitchen. actually it functions pretty well as it is. and despite the decluttering urge, there is no other place for all those things. Perhaps some of the old mobiles could go.

  4. The key rack is a great idea – for some reason, once you have a baby, you can NEVER find your keys!

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