Where does it come from? Where does it go?!

I’m great at finding motivation for a few weeks at a time – then it seems to drift off somewhere. I’ve spent the last hour wandering from room to room trying to fix on something to ‘get done’ (in an after-school/weekend project style) and failing. I’m aware I probably give the impression of being very motivated and organised. Don’t be fooled. I make lists not because I am organised but because I am not. Remember my shopping trip to IKEA last September? A lot of that stuff is still in bags in my hallway, waiting for…?

Everything else seems to have gone on hold while we try to sort out our home. There’s nothing like a due date growing ever closer to make you stop putting your head in the sand! Except…I’ve hit a wall again. Aside from this morning, the after-school project of finding something constructive to do for up to an hour a day seems to work quite well for now though I’ll doubtlessly get bored of it after a while and need to come up with a new idea. Trying to get to that 50th Home Improvement is also proving to be oddly satisfying – something I am sure only works because of this blog. If I were just writing it down in a notepad I doubt it would have the same effect. And yet, alas, I seem to have lost my way a bit. Have I forgotten what I am trying to do it all for? In an attempt to organise my thoughts/get my arse back in gear…

Why I need to finish clearing/redecorating the house

  1. We are putting the house on the market in one year and it needs to look as good as possible to have a shot at actually selling it
  2. Our baby is due in early summer and we want the house ‘ready’ so we can spend our time with her instead of with a paintbrush
  3. A lot of Mission: Shoestring has been about trying to have a more simple lifestyle and home (less stuff, less clutter, less time spent on various forms of housework)

It really is a case of putting in a lot of time and effort in the short term to get everything else in the long term. There are many, many other things I’d rather be doing with my time. I can’t tell you how many! However, I know what I want: a properly functioning home that looks ready for sale so, in not too many months time, I can stop thinking about it and focus on my baby girl. It’s simple really isn’t it? Now I’ve just got to find that motivation again. Maybe it’s under the sofa with all those dust bunnies…

PS I don’t want to give the impression that I am doing everything by myself. I tend to do all of the organising, decluttering and so on. Husband does the stuff I have no clue about – basically anything invloving heavy lifting or a tool box. Also my parents have given us a lot of help with mending things, making curtains and so on. It’s just that I am the planner, thus if I don’t make a plan and get the ball rolling..!


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3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I find beginnings of the month/week good for motivation so maybe you just needed a few days off and tomorrow’ll be a good day to get the ball rolling again?

    And just think how cold it is out, this is the perfect time to do all that DIY, rather than when it’s warm and you want to be outdoors! 🙂


  2. I’ve just written a blog post for tomorrow morning about motivation, first day of the month etc and then I saw your post and Kat’s comment 🙂

    You’re doing so well with all your to do’s and you will get there; trying to simplify and make life easier is hard!!
    Everyone’s motivation comes and goes so keep your eyes on the prize and have an image in your head of your life in 6/12 months time. I find this works for me x

  3. Frugal Trenches

    I think energy and motivation come in cycles or very short seasons, we get a certain amount done and then our brains, hearts & souls require rest – a change is as good as a rest. On top of that you are expecting so energy will come and go. I hope you have a restful week and then another burst of energy 🙂

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