Unravelling financial knots

Remember how I said I was going to have a month of spending rather than a month of saving? I’m not convinced it is any less complicated than trying to find ways to save! I’ve spent most of the morning trying to unravel what has been paid so far and what hasn’t. I ordered my boots from Next but they won’t let me pay for them until next month because the statement isn’t ‘out until then (What?! Don’t they want to be paid?) and I’m still chasing Office for my refund – I posted the other boots back nearly three weeks ago and they still haven’t given me my cash back yet, which I need to put towards the other boots. Grrrr. The garage hasn’t found out if they can return a part ordered for the ‘dead’ car so they can’t tell us what our total bill will be so we can’t pay that either. The plumber wanted me to pay by bank transfer but it won’t work (long story) so I’m having to send a cheque. Gah! Why is nothing bloody simple? I haven’t even thought about buying the replacement lamp. At this rate I’m just going to stick some money for it into our Home Improvements fund and deal with it another time – I can deal with a dark corner for another month or so.

In addition to this we’ve spent the last few days working out how to scrabble the money together for a replacement car for husband so we can give back the car borrowed from our friends. I think we can do it, it just involves a lot of hassle, phone calls and moving things around. Husband has already been up for two hours trying to look at cars which keep being sold before he gets there, people keep changing their minds about prices/offers they are willing to accept, whether vehicles have tax and so on.

Much in the vein of one thing after another, did I mention that my ‘new’ employers (despite initial discussions around Christmas time) have now informed me that they are not going to pay me for my maternity leave? I am now trying to get them to fill in bits of paperwork so I can try to claim for it. It should be okay though, even in the best case scenario, I now won’t get 90% of my usual salary for the first 6 weeks as previously discussed. This is on top of the paperwork I am bogged down with in trying to claim back money owed from my old job.

If I had a wish list, it would be this:

  • Cars, owned by us, in proper working order
  • All outstanding bills to be paid off in full
  • To be given all of the money owed to me

Obviously, I’d like to add to that a finished house and about a hundred other things. However, the above would do nicely!

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2 thoughts on “Unravelling financial knots

  1. can relate. cars are a lot of bleedin bother.

  2. apieceofwood

    Will email you..

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