Home Improvement 18: The plug hole

Nope – for once this isn’t a post about money going down the plug hole – just regular water!

We’ve had all sorts of problems since our bathroom was fitted (not very well as it turns out) about 6 years ago. Water never drained very well from the sink and then the mechanism broke that lifted the plug up and down. And then we were given some kind of toxic solution to try to clear the pipes which sort of worked except it took the silver finish of the plug hole. Thus we gave up on the plug altogether and have been washing, for far too long, from a running tap. Dad had a fitting left from when he installed my parents bathroom and, today, he came up and fitted it. While he was at it, he also did something (don’t ask me what – this stuff makes no sense to me) with the pipes. Hey presto – the water now drains away properly and the sparkling new plug/plug hole fitting works perfectly.

Shall I mention the fact that our shower has now stopped working? No, I’ll get into that another time. I’ll tell you this though, I have never, ever, ever known so many things to break and go wrong at the same time…

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