Chipping away at the to-do lists

My after-school project for today was finishing the paper shredding which is now all bagged up, ready to go in the recycling. I only had so much to do because I had such a big clear out. Hopefully I can do it bit by bit from now on. I didn’t tackle anything more ambitious because I decided to get the weekend cleaning done a day early and, frankly, there’s only so much of an evening I’m willing to give up on doing chores! Actually, it seems like all I’ve been blogging about lately is getting chores done. This is probably because I find I’m more likely to actually get on and do things once I’ve committed to doing something on here. So I’m sorry if it is getting dull but I’m finding it too useful a tool to give up at the moment! Anyway, it’s only 7pm and I’ve got the rest of the evening to be lazy. I’ve got a good book to read in the bath (yup, one off the ‘unread’ shelf, not a new one!) and a chicken korma from the freezer so no cooking and very little washing up. Perfect!

Before I toddle off, I thought it might be worth having a quick look at my progress on the January to-do list…


  • Finish shopping for all of the January and February birthdays and wrap
  • Finalise various social/birthday plans
  • Post birthday presents and cards
  • Take returns to Post Office
  • Get hair trimmed


  • Sand down and paint walls in bathroom
  • Paint all woodwork in bathroom
  • Get rid of old shower curtain and rail and replace
  • Clear out bathroom drawers (where we keep bed linen, towels etc)
  • Sort through and clear out DVDs
  • Have final push in sorting through all books, take unwanted ones to charity shop and re-arrange the keepers

While I haven’t finished everything I’m quite pleased with how much of this I actually managed to get done. The shower curtain/pole combo I want to get isn’t in stock at the moment plus I need to go and pick it up on a weekend so I haven’t managed to get this done. I expect I’ll get around to it in the next few weeks. I’ve decided against going the bathroom woodwork for now as a couple of other things need ‘doing’ in there first so this will probably be done last of all as a finishing touch. So not bad all round.

I won’t be doing a February list because I need to be quite flexible about what can and can’t be done over the next few weeks. However, I will be keeping up with my ‘up to an hour’ after-school projects and my 50 Home Improvements as it seems to be spurring me on. Someone tell me this house will be finished sometime soon!

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2 thoughts on “Chipping away at the to-do lists

  1. Frugal Trenches

    I keep saying this, but I need you at my house! LOL

  2. go you! are you nesting maybe! its such a massive instinct and you get loads done!

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