Clothes shopping!

Ah ha, for all my talk of making my wardrobe stretch I went out and bought maternity clothes today! Since I had a day off, right in the middle of the week when the high street is quiet, I decided to hop in my car and go and brave the shops. I started off by looking in Topshop but my local store only had one rail of maternity wear. I tried on a fluffy cardigan only to be confronted my image in the changing room mirror – I looked like a large hairy egg. Not really the look I was going for. I also tried on a cardigan I had been coveting online – a non-maternity one in grey with pink roses on it. A bit whimsical for me but I really had a yen for it. Alas, it did not look right at all so I left the shop and went for a peek in New Look which was slightly better – it had two rails of maternity clothing. I got a rather lovely long Navy top with red stripes and then I was hooked…

The thing is – proper maternity wear fits, well, properly. No pulling things up/down all of the time, they look much better and are sooo comfortable. While quite a bit of my current wardrobe can still be worn for a while, looking around the shops made it obvious, pretty quickly, that buying anything else that was non-maternity was going to be a waste of time. I went to a few other shops to see what they had (answer: not a lot) when I finally hit H&M. I have to admit that, while Husband always manages to find treasure here, I haven’t had much luck with it over the past few years. Today, however, I felt like I had struck gold. A brilliant range of maternity stuff, all very wearable and all at very good prices. I got a couple of cardi’s and a couple of tops. I stuck to things that I can wear either at work or at the weekend so I can get maximum wear out of them. Plus, I made sure I picked things that will expand as I get bigger and also go the other way as I (hopefully!) lose weight once the baby is born. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those mad people who think they have to lose weight as soon as they’ve given birth. But I will lose it eventually and I have bought things that will accomodate both my weight going up and then down again. One of the tops is plain black, long and very stretchy so I will be able to wear this underneath my non-maternity cardigans as well as on its own. I didn’t even get to trousers. I think I will order a plain pair from Next at some point. If they are anything like as comfortable as the maternity tops I might do it sooner rather than later!

In the end I didn’t spend very much at all but it felt like I did because I haven’t been clothes shopping in such a long time! I’m really pleased with every single thing I bought. I also picked up a gorgeous silk rose brooch that looks gorgeous with just about everything. Lucky me, I got given some new necklaces and earrings at Christmas so I can mix all of these things together and be kept very happy for quite some time!

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7 thoughts on “Clothes shopping!

  1. Am actually a huge fan of H&M these days. Sometimes it’s a bit of a bun fight jumble sale but if you can go “off peak” and look at things properly it’s pretty good.

    Glad you were able to find some nice stuff 🙂


  2. Good old H&M – fab for maternity stuff. I still have a maternity top from there that I wear now! (Littlest one has just turned 4 so I really ought to stop wearing it now).

  3. apieceofwood

    I quite like H&M as well, though hit and miss as you say.. glad you got some bits and pieces…

  4. wrap style cardies are brilliant for post baby too. I bought some legging type things from peacock which were cheap and good for the last enormous bit!

  5. Frugal Trenches

    Glad you found some lovely things! Soooo excited for you, must make it seem all the more real! When are you due?

  6. H&M baby wear is fantastic too, stock up on that – lots of cross body type vests and body suits, which are essential in our house at the moment (my 9 week old SCREAMS when things go over his head for some reason….)

  7. We have a new H&M in Aberdeen and the Maternity dept is right by the front door and is HUGE. I often end up looking at some of the gorgeous stuff in there before realising it’s maternity wear.

    I’ve been an absolute failure at commenting on blogs lately but I’ve been keeping up with your posts and all your news. Excited for you!

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