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My first ‘after school project’ is finished. Don’t things change once you’ve got a digital camera? I’ve got literally hundreds of photos stored digitally these days. At some point I’m going to decide which ones to get printed and put them into albums but not any time soon – I don’t need any more projects at the moment! During various bouts of decluttering I had gradually put years worth of photographs into a drawer in the living room to be dealt with at some point. When I cleared the bookshelves I discovered two unused photo albums so I decided I might as well just get on and fill them up. One I used for holiday photos and the other is a seriously bizarre mix of photos spanning more than a decade – gigs, parties, christenings, DIY projects, weddings all jostling together between one set of covers. I figured I might as well throw them all together because I was never going to buy individual albums for them all. It’s kind of fun to look through though. The remaining photos and negatives have gone into a storage box – one of the ones freed up by my DVD cover cull. There is plenty of room left inside for future prints which is good. Clearly I need a lot of time to get around to putting photos into albums! I now have an empty drawer in the living room which I’m sure will come in handy over the coming months.

It took a couple of sessions to get it all done but it is finished now and I have a nice empty spare drawer as a result. I had a bit of time left over last night so I also put together a bag of empty A4 files (from re-arranging my paperwork the other day) which I took to work today. I’m hoping that if I keep up with these small jobs I will eventually create a lot more space. Fingers crossed…

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One thought on “In the picture

  1. Frugal Trenches

    You rock!!! I so need you at my house! LOL

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