The genius of flapjack (& some serious discounts)

Flapjack is one of my favourite things to make. Not only are Husband and I big fans of it but you can usually throw a quick batch together using things from the cupboard and it is so, so easy to make. I know a lot of people who say they can’t bake so flapjack is a great compromise – it only takes about ten minutes to get everything together and then another 15 minutes in the oven.

I also love the fact that it is so versatile. I usually throw in some raisins or sultanas (because we’ve always got them) but I’ve also used dried apricot or chopped up a bar of chocolate with great results. Here’s a recipe that was given to me years ago by the wife of a colleague whose packed lunch boxes were the source of much envy:

  • 150 oz butter
  • 150 oz soft brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp golden syrup
  • Oats
  • Any extras you might fancy such as dried fruit, chocolate, seeds etc

Heat oven to 180 degrees/ gas mark 4. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over a low heat then stir in sugar and syrup until dissolved. Add the oats (and any extras) until the mixture is really thick. I keep adding oats until I am only just able to cover them. Transfer mixture into a greased tin and pop in the oven for 15 minutes. Cut into pieces while still warm though don’t try to take the pieces out of the tin until they are cool and fully set otherwise they fall apart. By the way, don’t be fooled into thinking it hasn’t been in the oven long enough because it seems soft. If you leave it in the oven longer than 15 minutes it will probably break your teeth as it sets as it cools down!

For ages I didn’t have a large baking tray so I used two cake/sandwich tins. The above recipe makes around 12 pieces. They last for days in a tin or airtight container so they are great for adding to packed lunch boxes. I also like making a quick batch if we are visiting friends or people pop over on short notice.

On a completely different note, I’ve managed to get some good bargains in Boots this week. Their Christmas stock has now been reduced by a whopping 75%. I bought myself a gorgeous make-up bag to keep in my handbag. It was reduced from £15 to £3.75 and came with 4 make-up brushes, some eyelash curlers and a cute pair of spotty tweezers. My make-up bag had been looking a bit sorry for itself so I was very pleased with this! I also bought a perfume set reduced from £16 to £4 and some lovely wrapping paper reduced to 75p – a serious bargain. I had a couple of £5 No 7 vouchers so I got some eye make-up remover reduced from £7 to £2 and also a pack of wipes (that cleanse, tone and moisturise in one go) reduced from £6.50 to £1.50. I don’t usually use them but I thought they might come in handy in a few months when I’m pushed for time/sleep deprived. Anyway, there are some great buys to be had in Boots at the moment (though I imagine stock will vanish at the speed of light) so it might be worth having a look, particularly if you want to get some birthday and Christmas presents to stash away. I saw nice little sets of make-up and skin care starting at just £1.50!

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7 thoughts on “The genius of flapjack (& some serious discounts)

  1. apieceofwood

    I’m a lover of flapjack too!

  2. I want to try sloejacks – flapjacks with the boozy sloes left over from sloe gin! I will keep a note of this recipe.

  3. Those No7 wipes are great – I reckon you may be a convert….particularly when bump makes an appearance!

  4. Chaotic Kerri

    My mouth is watering mmmmmmmm

  5. The Boots sale is fab-u-lous at the moment. I went in to Boots in Basildon this morning and managed to bag a few more bargains and they still appeared to have loads of stock left.

  6. Frugal Trenches

    oooh those look really really yummy!!!! Really yummy!

  7. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Think you might have a slight typo in your flapjack recipe – think it should be 150 grammes, not ounces!!!!

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