Getting on with things

Back in September I started a project called 50 Home Improvements – the original post is here. However, the short version goes like this; complete 50 projects that will achieve any of the following goals:

  • Declutter
  • Redecorate
  • Get things fixed or replaced
  • Make things simpler and/or more organised

The aim of this project is to get everything finished by the time the baby arrives and also to get ready for going on the market in early 2011. I thought I’d get back into it by reminding myself of what we have managed to get done since then (with the help of family and friends too):

  1. Organised an alcove for extra storage of books and DVDs
  2. Bought a storge box for make-up and cleared some old stuff out
  3. Cleaned two marks/stains out of carpet
  4. Made display out of dusty old glass bottles that were in the way
  5. Painted bathroom ceiling
  6. Replaced broken door bell
  7. Got toilet fixed (no, it is not supposed to flush itself)
  8. Fixed loo roll holder & put it back up
  9. Replaced broken stereo
  10. Cleared out all broken/mismatched crockery & replaced with simple white set
  11. Taken all unwanted books to charity shop
  12. Stored all DVDs (that weren’t donated) into a wallet and thrown out the covers
  13. Cleared out bathroom drawers and got rid of unwanted bed linen

So – 37 projects to go! I’ve really got to get on with it. Ideally I need to do at least two things a week. Watch this space!

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One thought on “Getting on with things

  1. you’ve completed more than me! 🙂

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